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Wwyd - ref childcare and heart attack

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Spoonme Tue 02-Dec-14 11:12:31

Hello all

It was unfortunately confirmed that my Mil had a small heart attack yesterday and will be in hospital for a few days having various tests. She is feeling 100 per cent better and normal and itching to come home. She says she is so well she wants to get the hoover out at home ASAP!

My Mil usually looks after my DS for two afternoons a week, so my question is while she says she still wants to have him, I am worried it will be too much for her while she is not in good health? My Fil is retired and will always be around but do you think I should insist on re-arranging childcare so someone else will look after DS? Mil absolutely loves having him but I don't want to put on them!


Rivercam Tue 02-Dec-14 11:16:11

Definitely. She needs to recover fully before looking after a young child.

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