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End it?

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Juliejools89 Sat 29-Nov-14 12:25:31

Feeling a little lost so looking for some advice.
My guy and I met 4 months ago online- we message everyday, talk on the phone weekly and have met up and gone for lovely walks in the park and spent a couple of hours in a hotel being intimate (we haven't slept together yet).
For the last 5 days we've been planning to meet again. He lives with his family still, 2 brothers (mid 20's) so I said I'd be more comfortable staying on my own in a hotel again. I pay for this as it's my choice. I travel 2 hours to visit him.
He texted me on the way down yesterday to tell me his day off with work has been cancelled and he has to work from 3-12. That's fine, my hotel is 2 minutes from his work so we make a plan he will come see me in the morning. We both want to just hold each other and be close, and we've both intimated we want to have sex too.
Meet him at 9 this morning and he tells me on the way to the hotel that his shift is now 10-6. I spent an hour with him (quiet and trying not to cry or get mad) and am hoping he will finish early like he does sometimes so he can come see me some more. To me even 6pm is early enough to stay for a while, and I've asked him to stay over if he'd like, but with no response as yet.

I'm wondering for anybody could give me some advice please- I don't want to end something that I feel could be really good, but I also can't fork out £150 for an hour of his time. I feel so down I've kinda just crawled into bed and pray he will text to say his shift is ending early.

Any advice or anyone been in a similar place?

Finola1step Sat 29-Nov-14 12:33:41

Julie in the nicest possible way, what on earth are you doing?

You've known this guy for just 16 weeks. You've met up a few times for a walk in the park and a fumble. You are paying £150 to stay in a hotel so you can be available on tap if he can spare the time.

If this was all above board then he would be staying in the hotel with you tonight after work, no question. He can't commit to that because he may well have to come up with a story to get himself out of his commitments.

You're being taken for a ride here my dear. I'm really sorry. flowers

Juliejools89 Sat 29-Nov-14 12:45:41

Can mumsnet remove this post please? I love put it on relationships as it's better suited, thanks!

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