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EBay - buyer arranging own courier.

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dobedobedo Sun 02-Nov-14 18:52:00

I sold a sofa on eBay but they buyer is getting a man with van to collect it and bring it to his house. He lives about an hours drive away from me.
I'm worried that this leaves me open to be scammed. He paid through PayPal.

Any tips? What should I do to prove I send the sofa he bought and to ensure it gets there okay? Do I insist on a proper courier with insurance etc or video the collection or what do you suggest? Thanks.

cheerupandhaveaglassofwine Sun 02-Nov-14 19:58:13

Ask the courier for a collection note and tracking details, tell the buyer that as he paid by PayPal you will be insisting the courier give these as your seller protection through PayPal requires it and if the courier he uses can't provide it he should arrange one that can

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