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Dangerous dog, pregnant SIL and my DD

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whatbecomesofsnow Thu 30-Oct-14 11:33:54

If i'm honest i hope that SIL see's this, as hurtful as that sounds as she isn't listening to any advice from either her parents or me and DP and Im scared to think what could happen next

Sorry its long

The Facts
Sil is pregnant
Sil has 3 terriers
Terriers 2 and 3 try to kill each other fighting irregularly NOT play fighting proper nasty fighting
Terrier 1 and 2 HAVE bitten SIL her DP and her DSD (13ish?) not sure if terrier 1 has bitten DSN but Terrier 2 has
SIL is scared of terrier 1 and has admitted it
Terrier 1 has KILLED
A behaviorist was called but it changed nothing this was a little while ago
FIL feels the same way as me which is a first

Dp and me have GSD and v v large Lab
We have ferrets which would be a threat to DD IF we were stupid enough to either put her in their cages or loose in the room with her which will never happen, they bite hard!
My DD will NEVER set foot in SIL's house while terrier 1 is alive shut out or not

My Opinion
Her dogs are un-trained
Terrier 1 should be put down not re-homed he cant be trusted
its not enough to say she will forever keep them separated from her LO when born and my DD (if i ever relent and let DD go to SIL's house) newborns and sleep deprivation can make us all forget simple things like shutting a stair gate when your own child isn't even able to crawl yet

What has happend
Basically Terrier 1 has bitten SIL and her DP before and Terrier 2 has bitten her DSD.
Sil got a kitten, dogs and kitten got on fine little to no jealously as far as i'm aware think kitten had been with them for about 2 months give or take a week.
Sil went out not separating them but stair gate on stairs kitten could pass through dogs couldn't
Sil comes back about 30 min later and Kitten is dead not an easy death either by the sound of it.
Terrier 2 and 3 are the suspects as she thought they had had a fight and kitten got in the way.
Terrier 1 is found hiding? in other room covered in blood.
Sil and her DP have rationalized they will forever be wary of the dogs and not let them near their LO or DD

If i come out and say why DD wont be going over ever to SIL she will point out my pets size and danger to DD thinking that is she gates off her dogs like i do it will be fine, the argument that my dogs are docile, never killed, never allowed near DD without me and that the gate is to stop them accidentally stepping on DD wont matter nor will the fact the ferrets live out and have never nor will ever come within reach of DD

I havent yet told SIL as since she found out she was pregnant she has lost some of her interest in DD so dosen't ask to take her out anymore which to be expected, but have told PIL that DD will never set foot in SIL's or anywhere else Terrier 1 is if he is alive, shut in another room or not

So finally to my WWYD

would you come straight out and tell SIL even though its unlikely she will have DD for a while but to make sure she is aware of my concerns even though it wont come up in conversation and will make a pregnant woman stressed and unhappy
Make sure PIL know and respect my wish's so that it's unlikely but not impossible that she could pick up DD from theirs when they watch her

Or if anyone has any other ideas of how to go about this thanks

Ohfourfoxache Fri 31-Oct-14 02:38:38

I think you need to flag this up to someone - a baby is not going to be safe with those dogs.

I don't know who to raise it with, perhaps ask the rspca for advice? Or post in the dog house - lots of good advice available there.

As for your dd, I wouldn't mention anything with sil until it comes up. But I would make pils aware of your wishes.

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