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why does he act so cruelly :(

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kelell17 Tue 28-Oct-14 00:24:56

hi ladies I'm new here just looking for some advice n maybe some friends to chat to smile
ive been with my boyfriend for a yr or so now n its been very up n down due to constant problems his ex/mother of his child causes...ive stuck by him through all this n things had started to get better but recently I have been really ill n have been in n out of doctors/hospitals for tests...Not sure yet what the problem is health wise but hes not supportive at all sad he does offer the occasional I'm sorry your ill hope you feel better soon but gets very impatient if I get upset or am worrying or in pain and quickly gets stressed with me and puts phone down/ignores calls etc leaving me worrying what will happen next re our relationship as well as my health....I have tried to talk to him about this upsetting me on many occasions but he just says chill out all the time! just wondered if you ladies thought I was wasting my time or whether I should hang in there....just having someone to talk to would make a difference anyway instead of being upset in bed at night about it .... thank you in advance smile

LineRunner Tue 28-Oct-14 00:29:23

Honestly? Yes, you're wasting your time and selling yourself short.

kelell17 Tue 28-Oct-14 00:35:43

sad thanks im starting to think so really like him tho n things were starting to get loads better just maybe he cant cope with any of my stress on top of his own? things r great when I'm all happy clappy or just listening to him whinge about his own issues for hrs but is not practical to expect one person to never feel ill/upset n thats what I struggle with not being able to have feelings without annoying him....unless I'm bouncing off the walls happy!

LineRunner Tue 28-Oct-14 00:38:42

I would look for someone more supportive. Or just be single for a while, and focus on you.

northgoingzax Wed 05-Nov-14 15:51:03

That would worry me too - it can't help you being upset about it at night as well as worrying about your health. It doesn't sound as if he can put you first, perhaps he is not used to it, perhaps he is a bit childish and cannot handle 'big things' like health problems. It would be nice if you could find someone more loving especially when you are not well, otherwise its just misery on top of misery!

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