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Helpful Neighbour cutting my lawn

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MrsUnderwood Sat 23-Aug-14 12:07:07

I live next door to a very nice retired couple. My next door neighbour has recently taken to cutting my lawn and recently took a strimmer to my overgrown back garden, which means my family can actually use it!

I am ridiculously grateful (he volunteered to do it because he loves gardening) and want to get him something nice as a present. However, he's diabetic and has another couple of medical problems that mean things like chocolate & wine are out of the window. I asked his wife but according to her he's not interested in music, films or books.

I wonder if you guys had any suggestions? I've already told them that if they ever need a favour I'd be glad to help. I would like to get him something special as I'm very touched he's done this for us.

Fatgirlnomore Sat 23-Aug-14 12:08:47

A garden centre voucher / gardening gloves etc ?

Sparklingbrook Sat 23-Aug-14 12:09:08

He is into gardening presumably , so a garden centre voucher? Or a book about gardening, or even a plant or a tub for his own garden?

WiggleGinger Sat 23-Aug-14 12:09:49

I was gonna suggest some new nice gardening gloves.

Vouchers are a great idea!

A fancy watering can?

A kneeler??

SavoyCabbage Sat 23-Aug-14 12:13:22

A bird house.

There are lots of outdoor gift ideas on the RSPB website.

MrsUnderwood Sat 23-Aug-14 12:18:01

I did think about gardening stuff, just wasn't sure what specifically would make a good gift! The suggestions are great; there's a big garden centre not far away with some nice stuff in it.

Thanks guys!

MrsUnderwood Sat 23-Aug-14 12:18:31

Ooh Savoy he's nuts about birds!

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Sat 23-Aug-14 12:43:11

If he feeds the birds get him some quality bird seed.
Sunflower hearts are great because there is no mess.

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