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phantomhairpuller Thu 21-Aug-14 18:53:08

Not so much a 'what would you do', more a 'where do we stand?'
We moved into our house in March. We are renting it from an acquaintance of DH. He is an extremely laid-back farmer in his 60s (if that's relevant). The house has been in his family for 100 years. It's a lovely big old farmhouse with loads of character, but it's made of wood. Apart from the chimney up through the middle, the whole place is made of wood. In my opinion it needed some TLC about 10 years ago but didn't get it. We knew when we moved in that we had a challenge on our hands, but the landlords promised us that they would do their bit in order to get the place up to standard.
So here lies our problem. We've done our bit, they've not done theirs. And we've since developed a new problem (a leaky roof!) that needs sorting and we can't seem to get through to them how important it is (when I say it leaks, I mean it leaks!)
There are also numerous other jobs that they promised us they would do e.g. guttering and recladding. We are yet to see any of these things materialise.
My husband has approached the landlord three times about the problem with the roof, yet still nothing has been done about it.
How many times is it acceptable to nag them before something actually gets done?
Another point to mention might be that they never actually produced a contract for us to sign when we moved in.

TheReluctantCountess Fri 22-Aug-14 08:06:42

I think you should contact Shelter for advice.

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