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7 months pregnant with twins and caught my boyfriend sexting other girls

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clairebearw Sat 16-Aug-14 19:38:38

I was with my boyfriend for 2 months when we found out I was pregnant with twins. At first it was difficult and the relationship was rocky, and he didn't seem to want to be involved. then after the 12 week scan he seemed to turn things around, he moved in with me, helps me with everything and says he can see a future.

I found out that he had met up with a girl in the first 12 weeks and kissed her. he was also messaging her everyday. I decided to forgive him as I felt bad that it was a difficult situation. he promised not to message her again.

i'm now 28 weeks and I checked his FB the other day, I had a feeling something was wrong as hes protective over his phone. he had been messaging numerous women, some of which he had never even met. he was messaging that same girl again asking her to come over and have a one night stand and "play with his large dick" because he would rather sleep with her than a pregnant person!

he also spoke with her in detail about our relationship, making me out to be a horrible person and completely exaggerating things to make me sound like a psycho. He tells her im deluding myself into thinking we are together, but to me he says that we are and that he cares deeply about me and wants to be a proper family. he even told one of the girls that I was just a friend!

I know I should kick him out but i'm so large with the twin pregnancy that I need daily assistance, my family aren't nearby and my two best friends are leaving to go traveling in two weeks. I think I will struggle to raise twins on my own and he is my only support, plus I do love him. I hate how this is making me feel but I feel I have no option but to put up with it for the sake of the kids.

P.S. Sorry about the essay but it's a complex situation and I just feel so alone.

joanofarchitrave Sat 16-Aug-14 19:45:41

Oh God he is behaving horribly.

I can't see where this is going to go. Unless you are willing to have a completely open relationship [yuk] it sounds as if he is totally unwilling to restrain himself at all. He's also really disrespectful to you.

What are your options - could you move back nearer your family? It seems unlikely that he will be much support in any case.

You could try one more conversation with him - just a serious one with all cards on the table - but he sounds like such a liar, how could you believe him?

Rockethorse Sat 16-Aug-14 19:52:03

You do not have to do it totally alone contact TAMBA they can help you also your local sure start there is assistance out there If you need and want it.
Twins can be daunting but once your in a routine you can cope.

Sweetmotherfudger Sat 16-Aug-14 19:59:03

I think go to the cab and see what help is on offer. Speak to your midwife too. He won't be a help or a support. You've got 2 children to look after you don't need a third.

You sound an amazing strong woman. I hope it all works out for you.

Petallic Sat 16-Aug-14 20:04:22

I understand why you are worrying about going it alone but by the sounds of his awful behaviour now I don't predict he will much or in fact any use to you once your twins arrive either. So don't let that be the deciding factor for you.

On a practical level try contacting your local colleges etc - I've heard if them offering childcare trainees to mums of twins/triplets as it's good experience for their students and you get a free extra pair of hands.

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