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Glass in baby's mouth

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ThirteenMeetings Thu 14-Aug-14 18:44:52

DD is nearly one and recently started nursery. When I collected her the other day I noticed she had something in her mouth. I successfully prised it open and two small pieces of broken glass (about pea-sized) fell out.

She wasn't hurt, but I was obviously pretty shocked and marched straight back to tell the nursery who, to their credit, were equally horrified. The best explanation we can jointly come up with is that someone walked the glass in on the tread of their shoe.

They are being pro-active about trying to stop it happening again, and have been very responsive to us, but I'm finding it hard to feel ok about this. It was glass in my baby's mouth ffs! We are very lucky it wasn't much more serious. Anyway, I can't decide what my next course of action should be and want some outside opinions please!

Nevercan Thu 14-Aug-14 20:50:45

Have you had any other issues with the nursery or is this the first I incident?

ThirteenMeetings Thu 14-Aug-14 21:13:16

This is the first incident - she's only been going a month.

Mumof3xox Thu 14-Aug-14 21:17:28

Do they operate a no shoe policy in the room? If not I would suggest this

NormHonal Thu 14-Aug-14 21:18:25

The baby room should have a no-shoe policy.

Goldmandra Thu 14-Aug-14 21:18:39

Unless there is some reason to believe that the floors aren't being cleaned every day or that the staff are negligent, I wouldn't worry too much about this.

Sometimes things happen that nobody could reasonably predict and their response sounds spot on.

I would put this to the back of my mind unless something else concerning popped up.

SlinkyB Thu 14-Aug-14 21:21:01

Wow, that's bad. When ds was in the baby room at nursery, they had a security gate across and you had to take your shoes off before going through.

All the staff, and children, in all the rooms only ever wear slippers. I've always thought it was more to do with comfort; but I now see it's safety.

ThirteenMeetings Thu 14-Aug-14 21:53:16

They do have a no shoe policy but they have been a bit lax about enforcing it. They have now out a sign up and briefed staff to be more stringent. They have also promised to put it in the next newsletter reminding parents of this.

They do genuinely seem to have taken the issue very seriously.

Mumof3xox Thu 14-Aug-14 22:25:48

Since they are dealing with the issue I would be happy I think as long as there were no more incidents

SlinkyB Thu 14-Aug-14 23:16:58

As you say, they've taken it all seriously (apologised I presume?) and are putting things in place to ensure ir doesn't happen again.

I'm with others; as long as you're happy with all other aspects of your baby's care, don't do anything.

ThirteenMeetings Fri 15-Aug-14 21:24:36

Thank you so much for the measured responses - just what I needed. We've had a very nice letter from them apologising and explaining the new health and safety procedures they have put in place. I do feel a lot better about the whole thing.

Goldmandra Fri 15-Aug-14 21:27:01

That's really good news. Their response sounds exactly what it should be from a good, conscientious, reflective setting.

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