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caught in the system

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happybunnymummy Tue 12-Aug-14 20:10:37

I'm not sure what to do. for various reasons my 15 month old has been seen at a&e several times in the last year. She wasn't injured every time but we were told to go for things like she had acid reflux and was projectile vomiting and the gp said she was dehydrated and rushed us to a&e for them to tell us she was fine and send us home - things like that. she bumped her head today and we took her for a check up - with heads you can't be too sure. so now we are being referred to social services due to the high number of visits. the nurse said to us " if you don't bring her is neglect and if you do then your over anxious and it's abuse so you're wrong whatever you do" - surely if we take her then it shows we have noting to hide?! Also our gp has refused to see her for small things like she bit her lip - they said as it was an accident we had to go to accident and emergency - she didn't need to go as the gp would have been fine but now it looks bad. help i'm freaking out and second guessing myself and getting all wound up. having not been in the system i wasn't sure if the nurse told us to call or if she said they'd get in touch with us so i rang them to ask what the procedure was but now i'm scared i've triggered a chain of events . . .

Heyho111 Sun 17-Aug-14 08:32:09

It's normal practice for a hospital to inform soc serv if you've attended A&E a certain amount of times.
Someone one will contact you. It will be fine. Just keep doing what your doing. Change doctors if your not happy with the service.

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