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Being Housed above 'Vulnerable Person' Drug takers and Drug Dealers

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sarah1985a Thu 07-Aug-14 18:33:04

Hi Guys,

I am new to musnet just thought I could maybe get some advice??? I have recently moved into a property (2 weeks ago in fact) and ever since and even before moving in, my neighbour constantly has a minimum of 6-8 people at his house from morning til night smoking drugs and drinking alchol at the front and back of the house. Sometimes even sitting on the steps to the door to my house doing so.

It wasnt until I reported this to my Neighbourhood manager that I was informed the actual tenant is a 'Vulnerable Person' and they have dealt with the same issue previously with the previous tenant!! I feel as a single mum with a daughter I should of been aware of this, if not the asbo but at least the fact that a 'Vulnerable person lives there' over the last week I have photographed and filmed various incidents as well as the 'Vulnerable' tenant behaving erratically (fighting imaginary people and taking drugs).

I am at the end of my tether and feel that I have put myself and my child at risk living here as if I had been made aware of this situation I definately would have reconsidered.

Anyone been in a similar situation or can offer advice I would really appreciate it.


Lally112 Thu 07-Aug-14 18:37:10

Is it HA you are in? I was housed in a scatter flat when I was 16 after leaving care with people like that and all you can really do is harp on to get rehoused elsewhere but it takes aaages.

sarah1985a Thu 07-Aug-14 18:48:47

Yes I have made a report for ASB but thats very long winded in terms of keeping reports, when tbh I am barely staying here because of it. Have also made a complaint to the housing themselves on the grounds that I should of been made aware of the situation as I have a young daughter. I think the guy i spoke to made a mistake in telling me that it was an ongoing issue that they were aware of, but will hopefully give me more ground to fight on. Fingers crossed x

Lally112 Thu 07-Aug-14 18:58:54

I sincerely hope it doesn't take you as long as it took me to get rehoused. Took over a year for me to get out of and if I'm honest I suspect it only happened when it did because MiL was a local councillor. My neighbours even took their own kid hostage with a knife when social services tried to remove him. You would have thought being 16, pregnant and fresh out of care with no family really apart from DH's relatives they wouldn't have placed me there either but they did AND they were also aware of the ongoing situation with them too.

sarah1985a Fri 08-Aug-14 09:13:54

That's terrible x at least u finally got out x it isn't right housing children in these situations. The way I see it is if I was living my life in the way that they are social services would Definately be involved!

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