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Birthday party

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TerribleMother Sun 03-Aug-14 09:47:11

Need some advice please. Have organised a party for ds2, in approx 2 weeks. Gave out invitations 2 weeks ago. Put on invitations, on the RSVP space: By 04/08/2014 please, 0XXXXXXXXX, thank you.

Nine children invited, at $30/child, as including birthday boy, ten was minimum number allowed. Was fair bit over budget, but for many reasons (moved continents recently, I am having treatment for breast cancer), willing to stretch where possible. Problem is, three of nine have RSVP'd, and tomorrow morning will obviously be 04/08 (in Aus btw). Just not sure WTD now??

I don't have contact details of the children/parents who haven't replied. As my son is only going to be 9, he doesn't seem able to establish who actually will/won't be there.

I really don't want lots of expensive spaces at the party to be wasted (and hardly any people there!) but don't think I can invite alternative guests in case the original invitees turn up! confusedconfused WWYD?? Starting to stress now!

alwaysonmymind Sun 03-Aug-14 09:50:40

Could you ask the parents of those who are coming if they have details for the non responders?
DD went to a party recently but lots of the children had gone on holiday. The mum of the birthday child send a text to all those coming to ask if we had contact details for 5 other children who hadn't replied.

Only1scoop Sun 03-Aug-14 09:53:52

Op it's always so annoying when it gets to this late stage....try and get details from any other parents you may know for phone numbers etc....Send a text to the late responders if you can.

I always find if they don't text back they don't seem to come.

Hope he has a fab day

TerribleMother Sun 03-Aug-14 10:11:08

Thank you for replying, I've tried to get contact numbers from a couple of the other mums, but so far with no success. Will keep trying.

At what point do you think it is acceptable to believe that the invitee isn't coming, and to find a replacement? What if they both turned up on the day?

TerribleMother Mon 04-Aug-14 02:03:31

Anyone have any idea when it would be acceptable to believe they aren't coming? If at all. It's morning here, and I'm still struggling to even get parent names, far less numbers.

SavoyCabbage Mon 04-Aug-14 02:33:35

As today is the cut off, I would make some notes for your ds to take in tomorrow saying you absolutely must know by Wednesday then I would invite some other people on Thursday .

Only1scoop Mon 04-Aug-14 07:34:40

Were the invites given out at school by your dc? Is it still the holidays where you are?

SavoyCabbage Mon 04-Aug-14 13:03:18

No it's not the holidays.

TerribleMother Tue 05-Aug-14 03:00:04

No not holidays, still only one further person has replied (yes). Will give ds extra notes tomorrow if no more replies today, but feel like a nag.

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