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"Ceiling" in appartment is so low I can't sit up in bed. What to do?

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year3onuke Sun 03-Aug-14 09:12:44

Tried this in travel, no luck....
We are in Ile de Re in a "family appartment". We booked through

It's the kind where there is a main room with sofa bed then an upstairs Mezzanine with double bed. I have stayed in one before, in the same town, and understand that the ceiling slopes to a low place.
The problem in this appartment is that when you get up the stairs, it is impossible to walk from the top of the stairs to the bed and sit down (a distance of about two foot) without hitting your head on the rectangular beams sticking out of the ceiling. There is also only two foot breadth of head space that I can stand in at all (I am only 5'5). By the time you are in the bed itself, you cannot sit up.
So, we have put the children (11 and 8) in the bed and dh and I are in the sofa bed. But the children also keep hitting their heads on the beams.

I guess I have to complain, but how do I go about it without cutting off my nose to spite my face? It's unlikely that we will find alternative accommodation for four on the island at this time of year.

Is the first thing to do to ask them tomorrow if they can give us another appartment? And to say that we are not happy? But what then, assuming they are full?
Also, how do I stop this dominating the holiday?
Please help.

Squarepegina Sun 03-Aug-14 09:53:05

It's always horrible at the start of a much longed for holiday for there to be a problem with accomodation. You are right, you do need to say tomorrow so you will probably be uptight today. As you know the chances are slim of there being other availability but you need to try. need to let it go and enjoy your holiday. Fill the days up outside and only go upstairs when you are all exhausted and ready to sleep.
We were there in June and absolutely loved it, cycled for miles and swam in the sea.
Hope you have a lovely holiday.

year3onuke Sun 03-Aug-14 17:21:03

Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate them.
The sympathetic manager has written to head office as have I. He thinks that other people have got money back and that would soften the blow.

It's not great accommodation, (a noisy bar is another problem) but we got our bikes today and we're off out to dinner.

Thanks again, you have helped.

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