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iPod touch or something else?

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123rd Mon 28-Jul-14 16:21:58

10yr old DD wants to buy an iPad but can't stretch to that sort of money. I don't want her to have a phone as she doesn't go anywhere that she would need one. She wants to be able to contact her pals,take pics,play apps go on Instagram etc
Her compromise is an iPod touch. My question is-is it worth the £160 or so. It's her money that she has save so I don't want her to waste it. What other things can you suggest for a ten yr old?

ChilliMum Tue 29-Jul-14 16:16:27

Hi, my dd 8 has an ipod touch, a few of her friends have them so she uses it to message friends, facetime, take photos, play apps ( although we limit this) and mostly to listen to music.

To be honest she hadn't even asked for one but she has so many toys we wanted to get something a bit different for her birthday.

I did wonder at the cost vs value but she has taken great care of it and loves it. Less so us as we are pretty fed up of 1direction and Katy Perry at 7 am.

I would let her if that's what she wants.

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