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annierai09 Tue 08-Jul-14 18:35:24

Please do tell me if I've posted this in the wrong topic.

My DD has recently found more things that she's passionate about. From a young age, she's been very interested in anime and art - but that was it. Now, I see she's starting to get into more activities.

Her father and I want to support her in every way we can. Right now, she does volleyball and badminton after school and on Sundays (both for free). We spend £100 every month on her piano lessons (and I feel it isn't going to waste, since we are seeing her enthusiasm to learn and play the piano), and recently spent another hundred on a piano. She also goes to dance classes, which cost around £30 a month. She hand-sews a lot at home with myself, but now is asking for a sewing machine (a decent one would cost at least £80 + not to mention the materials and whatnot).

She gets a £90 monthly allowance - usually spent on clothes, "cosplay" wigs, art supplies, merchandise and score books, and this includes her money for her lunch as well. Recently we've found out that she misses lunch at school in order to save the money she's being given in order for her to buy things "more important than food". This added to the fact that she doesn't eat breakfast really worries me.

I honestly think, looking at how all the numbers, that we're spending a bit too much on her, but we want to help nurture her talents and help her develop skills we know she could use in the future. We've been trying to encourage her to use her money for her lunch as well as we don't want her health to suffer, but that is all we can do. On the other hand, part of me feels that we cannot continue spending so much on her, as 1) we have 3 other children (seemingly more interested in video games and their social lives) and 2) we have other things to worry about financially.

WWYD? Should I sacrifice opportunities for my DD to continue developing her skills and learn new ones, for the sake of saving money?

WaffleWiffle Tue 08-Jul-14 18:51:24

How old is she?

Many schools operate a pre-paid card system for school dinners - could your daughter use this? She could then only use the money for food.

annierai09 Tue 08-Jul-14 18:53:39

She is 15.
Thank you, I'll look into that :]

Springcleanish Tue 08-Jul-14 19:02:53

Ninety pounds a month including food for lunch would not go far here. DS has £3 a day this buys either a sandwich meal deal or a cooked lunch and drink so about £60 a month straight away. He would also save this and go without if he didn't get money from his paper round. Could you save money by giving DD a packed lunch and more allowance? I know teens often don't want to do the whole lunch box thing, or buy food from school as they get self conscious eating in front of others, but she might take a piece of fruit, cereal bar etc, things she could snack or graze on going to and from school.

Droflove Thu 10-Jul-14 12:12:58

How far is she off 16? Maybe time for a weekend job? It's fantastic that she is so motivated but if financially you can't afford all this, it's fine to cut back as long as she keeps up a few key activities. If she us this motivated she will flourish at college with all the club's and societies but learning now that she can't do everything she wants due to cost is a perfectly appropriate lesson at 15.

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