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Husband 'jokes' about divorce

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skjamathome Sat 21-Jun-14 23:08:13

My husband over the last month has brought up the topic of divorce several times, then saying that he is joking. he also said hes with me because id take the kids away, followed by an only joking comment! He stays up late after i go to bed, alarm bells ringing, i have caught him chatting to girls on webcam before, promised it would never happen again yada yada.. sleeps when he gets in from work so not spending time with our daughter. Really dont know what to do! i keep looking at houses but i feel like i would hurt him if i left.. sad i know. maybe im too scared. he is generally a nice guy but really immature when it comes to his family. Any advice please x

EverythingCounts Sat 21-Jun-14 23:10:58

How about saying 'I wish I was married to someone with a bigger penis. Only joking!' and then pointing out that it's not particularly pleasant to make jokes about certain subjects, and that if he has something to say, he should come out and say it.

Xcountry Sat 21-Jun-14 23:20:47

I am assuming you know your DH well enough to know when he is joking and isn't. I joke about divorce with My DH all the time, like... "if you leave your dirty boxers on the bathroom floor one more time were talking divorce" or "if sean bean were to come here on a horse, It would be divorce" (coz lets face it... that's not going to happen)etc etc. I think the problem is you don't believe he is joking so you need to confront him on this.

SavoyCabbage Sat 21-Jun-14 23:25:01

Yes, you would know he was joking if he was joking. Tell him it's nit funny and you want him to stop.

AnyFucker Sat 21-Jun-14 23:43:24

he sounds like an arsehole to me

send him on his merry way oif he thinks he can have a better life with his "webcam girls"

what an embarassing tool you are married to

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