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Tonsillitis in 7month old

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laura2323 Tue 17-Jun-14 17:35:10

Couldn't find the right place to put this, but just need some advice.
Took my 7month old to the children's hospital at 5am yesterday morning. She has milk and multiple food allergies so didn't know if she had had a reaction. She hadn't had a full bottle for 2 days, was refusing food, crying uncontrollably and felt very hot to touch but no temperature. Found out she had tonsillitis.
Doctors have us amoxicillin and said to use paracetemol. She has now been on this for nearly 48 hours. She sti has not had full bottle, she's had 10oz today and 6oz yesterday, normally she has 28oz a day plus food. But she has been taking water. She is also very sleepy.
Is this normal?!
She is also due to start nursery tomorrow, they've said they are willing to take her but I don't know whether to send her in if she's still sleepy.
Besides the sleepiness and bottle/food refusal she is fine in herself.
So what would you do?

Sirzy Tue 17-Jun-14 17:36:58

If she is taking water and still having wet nappies I wouldn't worry about that bit too much.

I wouldn't send her into nursery though, especially not to start.

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