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DH won't shut up about...

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flannelwash Tue 20-May-14 13:43:18

work work work.
Don't get me wrong I enjoy spending time and talking to DH and I understand he spends most of his tine at work but its all he talks about.
ive tried changing the subject it just gets back to work again. I don't want to upset him by acting bored but inaide my brain is melting.
any ideas?
Thanks and please dont flame meblush

flannelwash Tue 20-May-14 16:17:23


Wellwellwell3holesintheground Tue 20-May-14 16:41:00

My DH has to explain work things in incredible detail. Particularly how he mended something mechanical. The worst bit is I work with him and often have either watched him do it or helped

He just won't be derailed whatever I say.

I just treat him like a toddler and distract him...

poorbuthappy Tue 20-May-14 16:44:30

I started pausing QI the other night so I didn't miss anything said by the paid comedians on the tele as DH was insisting on answering every question and wittering on about the chosen subject.

flannelwash Tue 20-May-14 22:56:18

oh dear well I know how you feel

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