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OH mental health please help!

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bluestrawredstraw Sun 18-May-14 00:36:41

My oh admitted tonight that he is struggling with our 3 year olds behaviour and that he sometimes imagines hitting her (as in punching her) and he can't handle thebimages in his head. After long discussions he says he has never hit her(I do believe him) and that he will go to the gp's on Monday to speak to someone/poss medication for depression!

I have been with oh for 10 Years, never been abusive in the slightest. However I'm concerned and unsure what to do? I don't want to overreact but surely this isn't normal!

oh says he now feels better getting it off his chest, and that he is just stressed and tired, he says he knows he would never hurt dd!

I work evenings , so oh is alone with dd most evenings. in my heart I know he wouldn't do anything but I wary about his state of mind!

has anyone else had this? am I overreacting?

AngelBaker Sun 18-May-14 00:53:33

I'd say this is pretty normal, I often get so angry with my son's behaviour I just want to slap him, but I never do and know I never would. Sometimes when he is being a particularly irritating little monster, and me and OH are both there we end up laughing because we both know how each other feel, like we want to just walk out the house and not look back, but we don't. If your child is behaving poorly I'd say it's normal, if you child isn't then it would be worrying!

bluestrawredstraw Sun 18-May-14 01:10:16

thanks for your reply! I do agree with u and I said this to oh and not to worry, its normal however he said that its different, he imagines punching her! I've never imagined that? again I don't believe he would do anything, but I have this doubt now! what if he did? does he maybe need a break for a few days? again am I overreacting? sorry for the ramble I just can't get this sorted on my mind?

AngelBaker Sun 18-May-14 01:38:46

If he's never been an aggressive person before then I'd not worry and it's really good that he's brought it up because clearly he's worried himself by it and knows that it's totally out of character and knows he wouldn't. Is he really tired at the moment? I know when my OH does a few late shifts in a row he gets particularly snappy with our son, particularly at meal times. I don't think your over reacting but please don't let it change your relationship with him. If he himself has suggested depression is it possible there is something else going on too, I know when I started to suffer with depression I found really obscure ways to try and let OH know I was suffering.

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