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House buy or not to buy!

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JammieMummy Thu 15-May-14 13:22:24

This seems like a very unimportant thread, compared to other people's threads I have read, but I keep churning over the issue in my mind and dont really have anyone that I can ask for advice in the real world.

DH and I own our own house, nice average size etc with affordable mortgage payments. However, we feel a bit like we have out grown it and while we might be able to last another year or possibly 3 we would definitely need a new house at that stage. This thought process has been brought forward a bit by the phenominal increase in house prices recently!

So we have found a lovely house (new build, not what we were really looking for but hey!) in a nice village which is at the very top of our price range (aren't they always!). However, they have just got planning permission to build 3000 (that's right thousand I didn't add an addition 0 on by accident) homes in the villiage which will more than double it's size! I am partly concerned by the actual building, although it is not near the house we are looking at and partly concerned that the area will not be recognisable as the place we think we are buying into.

This has now triggered additional doubts, what if the market doesn't continue to rise? What if interest ates rise massively?

I have no idea what advice I wanted people to give me, but think perhaps people can give me either positive or negative view points that I have not thought of yet!!

Parietal Thu 15-May-14 13:32:14

more new homes in the area will almost certainly make the value of your not-quite new home drop, at least in the short term. and interest rates are likely to rise over the next 5 yrs. how long do you plan to stay in the new house?

i'd never buy a new build. and if you are in no rush to move, why not keep looking until you find something perfect?

JammieMummy Thu 15-May-14 13:43:54

Planning to stay in new house for 8-10 years I would say. In theory we could stay there forever as I cant see us needing anymore space but it isn't the "forever house" that I picture in my mind.

The new houses in the area are also affordable housing (to be honest I am not really sure what that means! But everyone talks about it like it is a really bad thing). I have never been a new build fan, I like old with character but we cant seem to afford that or at least there are none on the market in my area! And I keep thinking about all the space we would have (might be a tad clostrophobic in my house by this point!) grin

FernieB Sat 17-May-14 06:32:43

This house is at the top end of your budget. If 3000 new homes are built it's more than likely that the value of your home will drop. After 8-10 years it may only still be worth what you paid for it (could be worth less depending upon the effect the new homes have).

FernieB Sat 17-May-14 06:36:12

If you really want this house, can you use the planning permission as a reason to negotiate a reduction in price?

NaturalBaby Sat 17-May-14 06:44:54

I lived in a new build and loved it - but - it was on a small development so had a bit of character and there was a bit of a community feel about it, it was also in the middle of town so very accessible.
We then looked at new builds at the edge of town where they build hundreds and literally created a new 'village'. No, I wouldn't live there. Schools, shops and access were an issue as well as bored kids.
We kept looking and eventually found a fantastic house very close that had just been renovated and suited us perfectly. It turned out it was in the catchment area for an outstanding school so when we wanted to move again it was snapped up the week it went on the market.

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