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Shall I jack it all in?

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TheHouseatWhoCorner Sat 10-May-14 20:58:09

Try to take short break?
Have you spoken about this with your business partner?
Could you delegate more?
Can you envisage things getting easier once the new staff are up to speed?

rubyslippers Sat 10-May-14 20:56:25

you need to stop for a while - 2/3 days

don't look at emails, sleep and re-evaluate

don't ever make decisions when you feel the way you do

LancashireMan Sat 10-May-14 20:54:25

Best not to take major decisions in a background of high stress.

Any chance you could get away - even for just 2 or 3 days - for a break?
Reflect on things from a distance.

birdsnotbees Thu 08-May-14 16:54:16

I run my own business, with a business partner. Been running it 3 years; it's hard work but we're doing OK. For some reason, yesterday I just broke down. I don't feel I can do it any more. I have 2 small kids, I work most evenings, my parents are I
ill, I have exzema and I am constantly stressed & angry. There's never enough time or budget for jobs that come in and I feel sick of under delivering. I am a perfectionist and got a lot of well paid work as a freelancer because I'm really good at what I do. But I'm not good now. I can't do a good job and the stress is awful.

I thought I could tough it out until things got easier. We've just won a load of work, taken on staff but instead of feeling relieved I just want to run away. I can't. But instead of getting anything done today I've just looked at my to do list and felt overwhelmed. Am I having some sort of breakdown? Should I just pack it in, and lose everything I've sacrificed 3 years of my life for?

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