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Upstairs Neighbor complaining about noise in my flat

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FreeSpirit89 Sat 10-May-14 14:50:41

Develop a liking to drum and bass music during sociable hours grin

But seriously contact his landlord, and it may be worth making a report with the police, just to outline your concerns, incase you need them in the future. I had a similar experience and the police offered loads of support

SuperFox Fri 09-May-14 01:59:59

contact his landlord directly and try explaining that you are worried

Serendipity30 Sun 04-May-14 13:49:15

Just to add i'm the only person in the block with a child.

Serendipity30 Sun 04-May-14 13:48:06

I live in a small block of flats, there are three floors in the block and my flat is one of two in the middle. The neighbor directly above complained about noise from my flat a couple of weeks ago. He knocked on my door quite aggressively and said that noise was travelling upstairs to his flat.

For some background, myself and this neighbor have lived in the property for a number of years. Issues started two years ago. Prior to this I had not contact with this man other than to see him in the corridor when passing. Two years ago a girlfriend of his knocked on my door in the early hours of the morning saying that he has assaulted her and asked me to call the police. Against my better judgement I let her into my home as she was very distressed and called the police, they arrived very quickly and dealt with the issue and she was taken away. At the time she told me that he had left the property prior to her knocking on my door, however I think he knows I helped her.

Anyway fast forward to present day, when he knocked on my door I listened to him, then told him that I would try and keep the noise down , however in my opinion I was not making unreasonable noise and he should call the landlord in future as I am not happy with him knocking on my door.
He stormed of and that was that. However since then when I use my washing machine, like now during the day or we do anything in the flat, he starts banging upstairs in response.When i have seen him in the corridor's he has stared at me in a nasty way. I feel he is trying to intimidate me.

What would you do?

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