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wits end!

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cloud9 Mon 05-May-14 07:09:06

i'm so sorry, i posted this again (link below) and didn't see your replies until now.
the background to the situation on the link below, treaclesoda, not offended at all. odyssey2001, thanks very much for advice on CAB, hadn't thought of contacting them.

treaclesoda Sun 04-May-14 14:37:58

ok, I'm not doing this in an attempt to pick holes in your story, just to get the full details, so please don't be offended.

Right. She had your mobile number to send you the text. Were you friends before this happened? And she has your dh's number too, so again were your two families friends?

Did this happen one day out of the blue?

And if you weren't previously friends, how did she have your number? And also, was that the one and only time you spoke to her?

alita7 Sun 04-May-14 14:23:07

Have you no idea at all as to what's happened? Did you both talk or say hi before this?

I agree show the school the texts, it's not fair on your dd especially if no one except the woman has any idea what's happened and she won't tell anyone!

odyssey2001 Sun 04-May-14 08:02:14

Go back to the school. Ask for a meeting with head teacher, class teacher and head of key stage. Show them the text messages and say that this parent is harassing you. Get them to meet with this parent again so that they can fully explain their current grievance and for the school to come up with a way to resolve the situation. Explain that your child is unhappy and wants to leave because of this. I would also speak to CAB before to see what the procedure is for parent on parent harassment. The school may have an internal policy on this too. Good luck.

cloud9 Sat 03-May-14 14:40:28

i'm at my wits end, so desperately need some advice please! a few months ago a mother in my dd's class sent me a very hostile and intimidating text message after i said hello to her in the playground. she's very angry with me but won't talk to me to tell me why, and since then started making accusations that my dd and i are intimidating her and her daughter. she's made these allegations to the school and to other parents. school have investigated all the allegations against dd and found nothing to back them up, my dd now wants to change schools as she feels really intimidated by this parent and her daughter. tried talking to her to try to resolve it but she refuses and has told me via a text to dh not to engage with her or her family. it feels like these allegations are never-ending. should i move dd? older ds is still there and youngest dd due to start in september...

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