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Contrception. Driving me insane!

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leedsgirl231 Wed 30-Apr-14 13:04:33

Im always lurking, and always need some sort of advice on something!
I'm on Levest 30/150 and since I've been on it, I've been up the f*cking walls.
I'm angry, I'm upset, I want more sex than I ever have done, and for what?
To not have a baby?
I don't want kids yet, thats why I'm on the pill, but the way im going I won't be having kids with the man I want to have kids with! Im constantly upset around him. I don't know why.
All that, then there's the worrying. I'm worrying because we haven't had sex in a week. My mind is saying "yeah, and? so what?" but there's a tiny bit that makes me think "you're ugly thats why he doesn't want to sleep with you" then I'll stay awake all night worrying does he think i'm unnatractive? I know he doesn't! What the f*ck is wrong with me?!
Then there's going to the doctors who will NOT help me. I'm young so they think I want anti-depressants to get high. Who WANTS to be on anti-depressants? I don't touch drugs to get high, i just don't do it. It upsets me that people think so low of me, I take it so personally. Just deleted my blog because I got upset that I lost 40 followers.
And, thats all the little things.
On top of everything thats making me upset, and being on this pill thats making me feel shit, my teacher was murdered on monday. She was amazing and helped me through when I felt like this in school.
wwyd? I can't go to the doctors because they don't help me. I can't come off the pill because like I said, I don't want children, and i don't like any other form of contraception. Me and my partner are clean so Im not gonna use condoms, not with a man i've been with for a while.
Seriously, wwyd? what do i do? im sick of feeling like this.

leedsgirl231 Wed 30-Apr-14 15:54:33

Contraception* silly me. Typing too quick.

AMumInScotland Wed 30-Apr-14 16:13:08

Well, if your moods have been a mess since you've been on this pill, then I think that speaks for itself, doesn't it? It doesn't agree with you.

So go to the GP, or the Family Planning clinic, and talk to them about it. They might be able to suggest a different brand, or the mini pill, or lots of other things.

You certainly don't need to be asking for anti-depressants, so there's no need for the doctor to think anything negative about you.

leedsgirl231 Wed 30-Apr-14 16:17:28

muminscotland this is the thirs one i've been on in 4 years, none agree with me... They just think i'm lying. Haha.

AMumInScotland Wed 30-Apr-14 16:22:35

Well, then I think you have to get over your dislike of other forms of contraception! Anything that messes with your head that badly has to be worse than the alternatives, surely?

leedsgirl231 Wed 30-Apr-14 16:26:47

They told me they could fit the coil but I'm scared. Injection & implant I'm scared of also. I don't know what to do. Like I said, me and my partner are clean. We don't use condoms, never have and never will. neither of us like them.

alita7 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:58:12

try the relatively new patch or the nuva ring? have a Google.
have you given the progesterone only pill a go?
If hormones are the problem then the copper coil or condoms Is about your only problem.

I have the opposite issue, dp says (and I feel it from my perspective too) that I'm much more emotionally stable and easy to be with on the pill, I came off to ttc and that took 6 months and without the pill I was a bit chaotic, mostly around af. now I'm pregnant I'm more emotional but that's normal. I don't know if I should get the coil with or without hormones afterwards.

alita7 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:58:40

only solution sorry

leedsgirl231 Thu 01-May-14 12:11:58

progestrone only made me bleed so they put me on the combined pill. I'm off with MIL to get the coil fitted. I won't even ask my mother to go with me, she'd lecture me. (i am an adult but I live with her) and I cba with the hassle, so me and MIL are gonna talk about options tomorrow when I see DP and we're gonna have a chat.
I'm gonna look into the nuva ring thanks alita, copper coil seems my only option at the minute!

tobysmum77 Thu 01-May-14 21:26:07

nothing agreed with me (hormonal or coil) apart from sterilisation not much help to you though. In your situation I would use condoms but you don't see that as an option.

leedsgirl231 Fri 02-May-14 10:51:21

I went on the pill so i didn't have to use condoms, none of my past partners can stay hard with them (and the feel and smell of them make me want to be sick) so I didn't bother. me and my partner have been together a long time and are clean, so I see no point in making him wear them when neither of us want to use them. I'd use them if he had something, or if I had something. but we don't. sterlisation is only an option after I have two children. I don't want any more than two. I'm going with MIL to get the coil fitted like I said, it's copper so it shouldn't affect anything hopefully. just sick of mood swings :/

goodasitgets Fri 02-May-14 10:58:00

My friend struggled with hormones and had the Nuva ring and really rated it. I have a copper coil - the fitting was absolutely fine, I went to a family planning clinic to a woman who does them every day. It's a 5 year one I have

birdsflying Thu 08-May-14 11:31:04

I've been using the LADY COMP.

It is very effective and has a success percentage rate the same as using condoms. It monitors your temperature and establishes when you are ovulating. We all have a huge temperature shift when we ovulate, and there are only a small number 4/5 days a month that we can actually get pregnant.Before this I used natural family planning for a couple of years which was very complicated and took the fun out of sex. Too many graphs and womb/discharge checks.

Lady comp is different. You take your temp every morning with its in built alarm. Pop the thermometer in your mouth wait a min and then it stores the information and gets to know your cycle. It compares it to 10,000 other women with a similar cycle to yourself. It will give you a GREEN light on days that you can have sex an AMBER light when it's getting to know your cycle and isn't sure yet (don't have sex) and a RED light when you shouldn't even think about it! It takes a while to get to know your cycle- After about 6 months there was only a week that I couldn't have sex.

A year later . I've had no pregnancy scares and i'm still hormone free and happy. Some women have been using this machine for 25 years with no problems. Obviously if you don't use this system right then there is a risk of pregnancy... Same with any contraception. The machine cost us just over 350.00 and can be purchased from RAX MEDICAL.

It has saved my sex life and my sister is also now using it along with my best friend. It is an investment worth making. They last around 10 years and then you replace the battery.

Check out reviews on YOUTUBE to see other peoples stories. This was my last resort but it should be a woman's first choice. If more people used it then the price would go down. I don't think the pharma companies would be too happy though!

I hope you sort something out. Best wishes.

JaackSparroww Thu 08-May-14 14:18:43

Thank you for the suggestion, birds!! That sounds really good, and being on a bit of a budget atm (£460 a month, apprentice wage!!) I will think about it in the future, it seems like a take on NFP to me, which I would like to try (but wouldn't, checking discharge doesn't seem fun! grin)
at the moment this that I'm on, Levest 30/150, its wank! I take it every day without fail, but feel really dodgy, i'm constantly hungry, tmi but got these pimple things on my areolas which is blocked milk ducts!! That led to a pregnancy scare. I'm brooding a lot at the minute, feel very emotional and a bit unstable and unsure about myself. Just really dodgy feelings while on this pill. thinking of going to GP and asking them about the machine and will ask them about Mirena Coil too.
thank you!

birdsflying Thu 08-May-14 14:53:30

No worries smile Wanted to spread my love for the machine! It's no good conning your body into believing it's pregnant really... I was all over the place on the pill etc. The worst part is pumping our bodies full of hormones after we have had children and breastfeeding etc because it leaves no time for us to naturally rebalance.

Sorry to hear you are having an awful time.
It's a lot of money to have and we spent some of our savings on it (we're on a low income too). I just thought my happiness was more important than other things I would have spent the money on.. We skimped for ages. Never been happier though!!

It is based on natural family planning without the hassle of thinking about it all time time. Ask your GP, mine hadn't heard of it but you could try phoning a natural family planning practitioner as they offer courses on the subject and i'm sure they wouldn't mind talking to you about it if they have heard of it.
You are welcome!

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