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Working mom V/S SAHM

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Ann1234 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:26:04

Hi Mommies,
I am a first time mom. I delivered a baby gal in Jan (2014).
We are in States on Work visa .
My husband is doing MS too which will go on till mid of 2015.Je is doing a hybrid course. 3 days a month he has to travel for his classes and rest of the days its a online course.
Until May first week , my parents will be with us and their help was a great help.
They used to take care of baby , cooking and cleaning too.
So, basically it was easy for us to go to work and also for my hubby to focus on MS .
We have found a nanny and we need to pick and drop our baby to her house daily.
My question is , i am confused if its a good idea to be a SAHm mom or working mom?
I do not enjoy taking care of baby whole day . At the same time , the whole process of
having sleepless night with baby ,going to work, dropping and picking her to nanny's ,evening chores,
makes me feel its better to be a SAHM.
Since I am on work visa, I cannot take a break for short time , as my visa doesnt allow me to do so.
All I can do is to quit the job and SAH for few years.
Do you think its easy to manage on a single income? My husband earns decently and our basic needs will
be taken care of without any issue.
Please let me know experiences of mommies who became a SAHm from working mom.
Anybody have quit their job with H1 visa and became a SAHM .. Please share your experiences !!


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