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Looking for an item of clothing...

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dad582 Sun 27-Apr-14 11:42:28

errm. I made a wanted post in the section but there are only 2 posts there. I can't find a suitable place to ask the question, where it might get attention of a number of frequent shoppers... so I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask or if my question it trivial in comparison to the other questions asked.

I am looking for a pair of denim type trousers that are a meduim blue. There is embroided flowers at the bottom of the leg on both sides. On the right (for the wearer) there is a little girl watering the flowers using a pink watering can. I have a vague recollection of seeing the words "my little flower girl" or words to that effect.

Has anyone seen these for sale somewhere or know where I can purchase them online or have a pair that they are willing to part with.

My daughter is a year old.


FamiliesShareGerms Sun 27-Apr-14 11:50:31

Try style and beauty for more clothes- knowledgable traffic?

dad582 Sun 27-Apr-14 11:54:39

I have not heard of them. Are they online?

addictedtosugar Sun 27-Apr-14 12:00:29

I think Families means try putting your post in the style and Beauty section of Mumsnet - here

Lilaclily Sun 27-Apr-14 12:02:29

Trousers for a one year old do you mean ?

dad582 Sun 27-Apr-14 12:13:00

for a 1 year old, yes.

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