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Husband makes no effort for my birthday

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MummyKWP Fri 25-Apr-14 20:46:36

I am never usually like this...I'm usually the very understanding type, always making excuses for hubby. I never complain, we rarely argue, I'm always Mrs Positive & immensely grateful for everything, I never moan. However, it's my birthday on Sunday, and I've been reminding hubby for weeks now to make sure he gets me a card, more so that he doesn't feel awkward on the day if he hadn't got me one! (I sort of do it jokingly, but so that he knows I mean it!) he's away from 8am-10pm tomorrow doing a sporting event so I know he won't have time to get anything tomorrow. I met him in town today & had to actually say "don't forget the card shop"...and he said "oh yeah".
Then he handed me £50 & said "that's for your birthday".
I know I sound totally ungrateful, but even if he'd got me something that cost £5/£10, but chose it himself & wrapped it up & gave it to me as a surprise on my birthday I would have been so thrilled. I am the easiest person to buy for because I'm ridiculously grateful for everything. There are some lovely bath sets in the local shop for under a fiver & I've bought some as gifts for people & I told him a couple of weeks ago that I'd be delighted if someone got me something like that for my birthday, they're do pretty. Handing me cash makes me feel like he's put no thought or effort in to it at all. I honestly don't care about the cost.
We have a 1 year old daughter & I had to say to him maybe 10 times that I'd love her to "make" me a card. Anyway, he never did. So I had to make my own birthday card with her this afternoon, writing "happy birthday mummy" on the front & letting her scribble on it. Why couldn't he do that with her & give it to me on my birthday? And no, he hasn't already done it. I know for a fact because I literally spend every minute with her. He could have taken her into the other room & told me they were making me a card, I'd have loved that. I even left some cardboard & crayons out & told him where they were!
I make a huge effort for his birthday, with cards & presents from our daughter & me, etc. I plan it for months.
Am I being unreasonable? I'm a stay at home mum & just feel a bit under appreciated I suppose, not very special.

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