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Neighbours seem to think it's ok to pour petrol on a bonfire a few feet from our property

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sicily1921 Sat 19-Apr-14 10:24:31

This was happening in the middle of the night and our bedroom was lit up several times with the conflagration and their loud exclamations when, presumeably, they nearly got their eyebrows singed.

Add to that the fire was next to a fence, next to bushes and a few feet from our property containing us and our 4 DCs. They could have had it anywhere in their garden.

When we spoke to them about it and the fact we were worried, we were told they were 'safe' with fires confused and we were 'pathetic and wanting to stop them having fun'

Presumably we would be pathetic if we were lying in intensive care with 3rd degree burns and no house to go back to if we did survive.

trumpfamily Sat 19-Apr-14 17:41:15

As you have already tried to talk reason I'd speak to your local Council. Some Councils don't allow any bonfires and others have restrictions, they may be able to send out a letter asking the neighbour to be more considerate. One thing you can guarantee is that your neighbour will know it is you as you've already made contact though. You could always say that you also got a letter, roll your eyes and say it was one of your other neighbours! I don't know if the Fire Brigade could offer advice and possibly have a word, that could be another route.

RustyParker Sat 19-Apr-14 18:07:05

Definitely speak to Environmental control / health at your local council. Bonfires are legal but they cannot be dangerous so it's a big no to build near property or fences etc.

If it is lit and you are worried about the proximity or smoke they call the fire service immediately. Fires can spread and get out of control so easily you can't take any chances. The fire service will take this seriously and would rather intervene while it's still manageable.

Hope your neighbours see sense

RustyParker Sat 19-Apr-14 18:08:45

Oh and make sure you tell whoever you report it too that your neighbours have used an accelerant - this is dangerous as obviously can cause the fire to spread quickly and can create noxious fumes.

sicily1921 Sat 19-Apr-14 20:19:37

Thanks all, I knew I was being reasonable (not to want my fence/property set alight) but it's nice to get the feedback.

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