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Help with hair dye removal.

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FLHuzzah Wed 09-Apr-14 21:27:33

From my head.
I'm 23 and a natural blonde. I've died my hair brown/black/red since the day I left school. (That's ALOT)
I've tried the dye removers you can get in savers and have been left a dashing shade of Ginger.

How do people go from colour to colour? What am I doing wrong?
And is there a way to strip my hair completely without shaving it?

Any help is greatly appreciated grin xx

midnightagents Wed 09-Apr-14 22:22:34

You probably need to get the hairdressers and have it bleached or stripped before putting the shade of blonde closest to your roots on and letting it grow without retouching. Might be a bit pricey but on the plus side you wouldn't need to dye again for along time, possibly ever if you don't mind going grey when you're older.

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