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If your 6 year old broke your 8 year old's Nintendo DS

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He didn't mean to break it, I am sure the actual breakage was an accident, but he took it to his room without permission and without anyone noticing when he had a friend over (because he knew he wouldn't get permission if he asked) and it was found, broken, not repairable, under his bed. He admits taking it but insists he doesn't know how it broke...

He apologised to DD and was sent to his room initially and knows we haven't made a final decision on what to do. DH thinks he shouldn't get a birthday present this year and his birthday present should be replacing DD's Nintendo! I think this is much too harsh, especially as it is 6 months til his birthday...

The Nintendo was an old one - new to DD 15 months ago, the Christmas before last, but second hand then - not a 3DS, an old style one. I am tempted to just replace it with a similar old one from ebay and say no more, but DH is not... We don't have lots of money to throw around but in this case spending €30 on a 2nd hand DS so DD is not punished for her brother's moment of carelessness, without expecting him to go without a birthday present in 6 months time to "pay" for it, would be the right solution.


GreatUncleEddie Mon 24-Mar-14 21:06:24

I would replace it as you say. Does the six yo get pocket money? He should lose a couple of weeks worth, if he does.

picnicbasketcase Mon 24-Mar-14 21:16:07

I'd replace it and get DS to do some chores around the house and apologise. You can get DS Lites etc very cheaply on eBay in perfectly good condition.

Nocomet Mon 24-Mar-14 21:17:51

I would replace it.
A couple of weeks pocket money or a week without a favourite toy, perhaps, but six is still little.

IME DCs need are about 8 before they start to have a really good idea of things being expensive and accepting that breakages need to be owned up to.

wheresthelight Tue 25-Mar-14 10:45:19

i disagree massively with your DH's decision. Punishing him 6 months down the line is just evil!

Take away something that is important to him for a few weeks maybe and definitely replace DD's nintendo

Thanks everyone - I can overrule DH, he will role his eyes and sigh and say I'm too soft and that is why the kids don't look after things, but in the end enforcing any decision we make is down to me, so the decision is down to me... glad people agree.

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