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making new friends

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clearsommespace Mon 24-Mar-14 09:35:18

DH wants to find a date to meet up with a family who are friends of friends: either invite them over or suggest a date we could go over. They live out of town and always have to make the effort to travel into the city to see people so would be very happy for someone to make the effort to go to their place. We see these people about twice a year at bbqs, weddings and for the last couple of years at goodbye time it has been 'we must meet up sometime'. They share a lot of DHs interests and are fun and interesting to chat to.

But I just feel like I can't be bothered to meet up with them. Our weekends are so busy as it is. We are doing a fair amount of work on the house and when we are having a weekend off I like to spend time doing things with the children or catching up with people who are already friends.

I know if an existing friend was in need, I'd make time. But life is so busy I don't feel I've got space for anyone else even if it would be fun. I've never felt like this before.

I suspect if I really clicked with them, I would want to make time. But they leave me fairly indifferent. I feel like I should make the effort just for DH But I don't want to. Anyone ever felt like this?

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