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Poss Domestic abuse next door .

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Lagoonablue Sun 09-Mar-14 15:51:11

Only moved her just before Xmas and don't know any of our neighbours. All keep themselves to themselves. Am in a semi and on 4 occasions since we moved have heard the husband next door verbally abusing his wife. Horrible stuff. I know me and DH argue and don't cover ourselves in glory but this is nasty name calling stuff combined with slammed doors and stuff thrown about. I only hear him, not her.

Last night again I heard him and a noise that could have been a slap but could t be sure. Again nothing from her.

Thing is I just don't know her. We went round when we moved in but they were out. I left a xmas card but they didn't send us one back.

What can I do?

Lagoonablue Sun 09-Mar-14 16:01:23

Sorry meant that I get the sense they want to keep to selves. We never see them. There are 2 kids there too listening to this.......

I could have got it wrong I guess. Maybe just a bad argument and that's all but.......gut feeling. I wouldn't hesitate to phone police if sure I could hear violence but just not sure,

GeoffLeopard Fri 21-Mar-14 22:36:05

That's really tricky. Am thinking lots of things... Trust your gut instincts. I'd generally make your presence felt by them but not get to friendly with him. Kids involved so sad. Could you reach out to her using some new neighbour naivete and suggest a cuppa?

I imagine it's very difficult as if it IS domestic violence, she alone will have to summon the courage to leave no matter how many times others were to call the police. Good luck, it came be a nice thing to live next door to x

Dinosaursareextinct Fri 21-Mar-14 22:42:24

We had similar with our neighbours but I never quite fitted the pieces together. I used to hear him shouting at her and banging his fist on the table, and banging at doors. When he left her and she sold the house, luckily it belonged to her, the new people said that the bedroom door had been forced in. I can't imagine that the police would have done something just because I phoned in to say he was shouting and banging the table? Isn't the woman supposed to complain herself? At least unless you have evidence that he is being violent to her (more than shouting and hitting furniture?). Your situation sounds worse though.

VashtaNerada Fri 21-Mar-14 22:44:58

Remember domestic abuse doesn't need to include violence. Ring 101 anonymously, you'll feel terrible if you don't and something happens.

VashtaNerada Fri 21-Mar-14 23:01:11

Conferred with police officer friend who said the best thing is to call 999 when it's actually happening as victims are more likely to tell the police the truth when it's just happened sad

brettgirl2 Sat 22-Mar-14 12:04:13

definitely call the police if you are worried. A friend of mine once lived next door to a murder sad .

kanno Fri 28-Mar-14 22:52:29

I lived in a flat years and years ago where i regularly heard my neighbour abusing his partner. I was so terrified of being found out for reporting (he was a gangster) that i was frozen into inaction... i regret it to this day. call the police when it's happening,the Police are always reassuring that they'd rather err on the side of caution and never condemn an individual for calling them with a genuine concern.
what would you hope for if you were trapped in her position? A good well intentioned citizen is a good well intentioned citizen!

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