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To live a more exciting life and live in the moment ...

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bonvivant Fri 21-Feb-14 21:40:34

I feel a need to add some more adventure to my life - feeling in a bit of a rut tbh.

Any ideas for how to add a bit of spice to life?

KarenBrockman Fri 21-Feb-14 21:41:43

Focus on you and don't blame others for your rut. Good luck.

southeastastra Fri 21-Feb-14 21:43:04

let me know if you find it lol

sykadelic15 Sat 22-Feb-14 03:51:24

I feel like this sometimes.

First, ask yourself why you feel in a rut. Is it your job? Your relationship? Your house? Your hobbies or lack thereof?

Then ask yourself what you want your life to be like. What you would need to get there. What you're willing, or unwilling, to sacrifice to get that.

For example my rut is that life is just the same, always the same. Rarely anything exciting. But I ask myself, "what sort of exciting would it take for me to feel less like I'm in a rut?" Sometimes I feel like going out more, but that's a temporary fix. Sometimes I think taking up a hobby but then I enjoy my free time. Sometimes I think a holiday somewhere nice... but that's expensive and temporary... Instead I think that rut feeling is a long-term thing and you just need to do things occasionally that excite you, or make changes in your life (like your job) that will aid in you feeling better (without making rash decisions you may later regret).

Things that excite can be a short little weekend trip, a movie night with friends, taking up a hobby, visiting new places and just exploring or learning a new language. Most of all I think it's a state of mind. Once the weather clears up more and the snow has melted (it's snowed a LOT here) I'm going to make a conscious effort to ride my bike more and stop making excuses that are easily remedied (for instance I want a helmet, not a requirement here but I would feel safer).

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