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Should I complain?

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Prforone Mon 10-Feb-14 23:38:06

Long story short - car had to go for repair at an insurance-approved garage following a car accident. They'd had it for over two weeks, never contacted me to let me know the progress (even though the paperwork they left with me said they'd call every other day). I called them last Thursday to be told I was getting the car back that day. Never happened and no call to apologise. Same situation Friday and Saturday.

Car finally got delivered today (hooray!) so today they were actually telling the truth when I yet again chased them.

However, when it was returned, the man from the garage stood on my doorstep and gave me the paperwork to sign to say I was happy with the repairs, which I ticked as "Yes". There was also a question as to whether I was happy with the service I'd received. I ticked "No", then noticed it said "If No, please explain", followed by space for comments.

So I said to the garage man, "Oh, wait there, I just need to fill this bit in" and went through to my lounge to add my comments. I had my back to the lounge door and, halfway through writing, realised garage man had walked into my lounge and was standing right behind me, close enough to read over my shoulder what I was writing! It really unnerved me that he'd shown himself in and I felt incredibly uncomfortable having this uninvited stranger suddenly in my lounge, not to mention intimidated that he was standing over me while essentially filling in the "Complaints" section.

Would I be unreasonable to contact the garage to complain about this behaviour? Or am I being a bit precious?

K8Middleton Mon 10-Feb-14 23:40:05

I think you were rude to leave him stood on the doorstep.

I'd get over it now. In the great scheme of things it really isn't a big deal. Presumably he could have read the comments at his leisure later. I expect he just misunderstood the situation.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 11-Feb-14 00:14:13

I think I would have been curt and told him to please wait at the door. They don't sound like the most professional outfit in the world.

Nomama Sun 23-Feb-14 15:02:28

Go online, find email address, put it all in writing. Tell them what you want... apology, explanation etc. Send it to your insurers NOT the garage. They have had their chance to give you reasonable service, they failed. The insurance company need to know that one of their recommended /named garages is shite!

I had as similar experience, years ago, that culminated in me say to the manager/owner of a large franchise "Don't stand over me in your cheap suit telling me that your time is money. Fix my fucking car"

I wrote to the insurance company and outlined everything that had annoyed me... and got my car re-fixed at a garage of my choice plus a bit of extra body work for good measure - with their blessings.

I have NEVER let a man in a garage intimidate ever since.

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