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WWYD If your ex was spreading lies about you at work?

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Popplecake Fri 07-Feb-14 16:55:50

What would you do if you ex was spreading lies about you at work?

(This a a true situation in which my ex is lying to mutual colleagues that contact with a very young child is being witheld (in truth contact is offered at a contact centre because of his aggression towards me and his heavy drug use until he passes a drugs test). I am getting "hate mail" delivered to my house from mutual colleagues about what a cow I am . . .

Would you tell your boss the truth and show the solicitors letters to get him to stop (which would drop him in it about the drugs), or something else?

NanooCov Fri 07-Feb-14 17:07:47

Tell your boss and report the hate mail to the police. You shouldn't have to tolerate that type of rubbish.

deelite72 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:32:16

You need to go to family court and apply for an injunction: a non-molestation order. You will need to contact the admin department of the family court you and your ex have been attending and ask which application you need to fill out. Go in, do it at the counter, pay the fee (not sure what it is now). You'll be sent a court attendance date by the family division. You can self represent. I did this throughout my hearings. Present your evidence in court, perhaps obtain a letter from your boss confirming that you are being intimidated and harassed at work by your ex (letters are enough. He doesn't need to show up at the place. You are being intimidated and harassed and it's not on). I have no doubt that you will be at least offered a temporary injunction of 3 months. If you pay your solicitor to do all of the above for you plus spend a day in court, your fees will be outrageous. If you are getting legal aid, then by all means, go ahead and deal directly with your solicitor. If you are not getting legal aid and you still would like your sol's input, email the guy (or lady). This usually incurs a fee of £25 per email, double check. You can pay the cost of an email to your solicitor and ask his or her advice as to which application form you need to ask for at court. Then go ahead and do the rest on your own, including self rep on the day in court. But really, there is no need to involve your lawyer in this. It will only cost you. Good luck.

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