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when to tell seller that our buyer just pulled out?

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ZingSweetApple Mon 03-Feb-14 16:57:47

literally a few hours ago.

our sellers accepted our offer two weeks ago and only have just started looking so in no hurry.
they are friends' friends and it's a private sale and of course we want to keep them in the loop, but it's such a blow I couldn't talk to them yet.

we are having an open day on Saturday, which means that we could potentially have some offers and all done and dusted in a week (if lucky) - so I'd rather wait until early next week to update them.

also need time to actually digest this news.

we are still buying their house and they haven't got anything yet so waiting now suits us both - but what would you do in our position?
how long would you wait?

(not at all to be deceitful - simply to get our act together)


Nevercan Tue 04-Feb-14 17:53:17

I wood wait and see if you have any bites over the weekend if not let them know. I am sure they know this type of thing will happen

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