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Help- i need advice re young baby and bus travel...

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tracypenisbeaker Fri 17-Jan-14 04:26:28

Apologies in advance if any of my questions are silly/ the answer is glaringly obvious. Perhaps this thread will help others in a similiar situation.

I have ventured once into town with my travel system since having my baby. The buses are low, inner city ones, usually with a space for buggies and a space for disabled ( im sure if a wheelchair user needed the pram space they would be entitled to it).

On my first attempt to use the bus, there was just the one space, for wheelchair users but if it was free a pram may use it. There was a lady with a pram already on, so the bus driver told me i needed to fold it. I told him that it was 'okay, i will just wait for another bus.' I hadnt the faintest idea how i was going to fold my pram and juggle a newborn. I was genuinely stumped. I waited 16 minutes for the next bus, bloody praying that it wouldnt happen again. It didnt, but now im thinking going into town is more hassle than its worth!

Sorry for the novel, but my questions are- Is there any way of folding the buggy with a small baby in tow? If so, is it even legal to sit there with a baby in your arms? Ive thought about getting onto the bus using a baby sling, not expecting a space to be available but still taking the pram. Ive never seen anyone do this though, even though it sounds like the most sensible option. That way you can fold the pram as your hands are free.

How do you cope?

MummyCoolski Fri 17-Jan-14 04:32:34

I used a sling for going on the train. It's tricky the first few times but you do get used to it. Could you make the trip with a friend the first time?

Robfordscrack Fri 17-Jan-14 04:34:46

I just used to wait for the next bus or squeeze in. There's no way way I would have taken a baby out and been able to fold the stroller too. Wouldn't like to be doing all this when the bus is starting to move either. I was in London so I did have the backup plan of blacks cabs as they take strollers but most of the time waited for the bus, or walked. On a Saturday it was too difficult to find a bus with a free space so tried to do things in walking distance.

Lamu Fri 17-Jan-14 04:41:02

The only options you have is a) wait for another bus b) pop baby in a sling then fold buggy or c) ask someone on the bus to hold your baby as you fold the buggy.

I used buses quite frequently in London so i've always waited for the next one because it was rarely more than a 10 minute wait and it was such a faff to fold a buggy laden with shopping or whatever. But on a few occasions the following buses would also be full so I'd either walk or get a black cab depending on the weather.


tracypenisbeaker Fri 17-Jan-14 05:03:57

Thanks for the advice, ill probably try the sling... got one yesterday and was practicing with it, havent completely mastered putting him in/ taking him out with confidence (why is everything an obstacle? Im extremely PFB and its driving me crazy!)

Lamu, i couldnt imagine handing him to a stranger, not that i dont trust peoples intentions, just that i struggle to even let family members hold him. I keep getting visions of the very worst things happening.. something i know will fade over time as i gain confidence. This is why im stressing in the middle of the night about the logistics of getting into town tomorrow haha

Lamu Fri 17-Jan-14 05:25:12

FWIW I couldn't either with Dd 1. Although that's the usual advice given here on previous threads.

I think the sling is the way to go. I didn't use a travel system till Dd was about 8-10 weeks. I found it was one less thing to worry about until I felt confident asking for help with the practicalities of going out and about.

Aworryingtrend Fri 17-Jan-14 06:00:28

I remember well the constant stress and logistics of a simple bus ride into town. like you I would lay awake at night worrying about how we would get from a to b. It does get so much easier I promise you, you will find your own way if doing things.
I used to just wait for the next bus, as they were every 15 mins or so. I couldn't have folded pram and held a newborn.

I always used to make sure I had an extra feed with me though (ds was bottle fed) just in case we had to wait a while.
Good luck!

BobaFetaCheese Fri 17-Jan-14 06:01:50

If you're going to be using public transport lots it might be worth changing your travel system for an umbrella fold like Maclaren that you can fold one handed (just incase there's noone to hold baby when you get off bus).

Slings are great but if you're on a busy route I've found some people don't notice it and will stand right up against you.

tracypenisbeaker Fri 17-Jan-14 06:18:01

Thanks so much everyone. Not that i like to hear about other people struggling, but when it seems that all the other parents with babies have got their shit together and im all over the place... well, its reassuring. Im going to definitely try the sling/ pram idea to save me and LO waiting in the cold.

Wish i had thought of this before when choosing a pram, but my mum was the one that was buying it for me and so i thought a travel system would be the best value.

Did i mention this is my first child grin

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