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Relationship advice needed please help!

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kate807 Sat 11-Jan-14 11:44:36

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years, we've had a good relationship (few up's and down's, but who's doesn't). Anyway, over the last few months things have been different between us, I feel like he's pulling away. I have noticed that when a certain female 'friend' on Facebook posts any pictures of herself he sits there and stares at them, even when I am sitting next to him! She is a lot slimmer and more attractive than me, but I still feel it's wrong of him to do this, don't you agree? I spoke to him about it last night and after a good 10 minutes of denying it, he finally confessed that he slept with her twice around 5 years ago. Now I'm not bothered by any of his other exes, but this girl really bothers me. Possibly because he drools over her photo's, and when we've driven passed her in the car she stares at him too. This girl also has a child, who is approaching 4 years old. This child may be his, he's always told me he wants no children, so for him not to have contact makes sense. I asked him and he said no, but lets not forget he denied sleeping with the mother at first.

This is killing me, I am so anxious and restless. I can't sleep or eat. I feel physically sick at the thought that he has feelings for another girl, and she may be the mother of his child.

What do I do? Can someone please give me some advice?

ParsleyTheLioness Sat 11-Jan-14 19:00:05

I think what you can do is limited here can only decide whether you still want a relationship with someone in these circumstances. Also, his apparently not wanting children may have implications for your relationship. It may be that if you cannot live with it you need to leave. You may well get good advice if you post under the Relationships board, or report your post and ask for it to be moved there. Sadly, the posters on there are more used to advice in this kind of situation.

JainaProudmoore Tue 14-Jan-14 20:12:56

I agree with Parsley here with his comment about not wanting children. This may end up being a big issue further down the line.

Also I'm getting the impression that after he has fessed up about this girl you are starting to lose trust in him. I would be inclined to sit and talk about your feelings, maybe you will get a better feeling for what you should do next depending on his reaction?

GertyD Sat 25-Jan-14 14:14:18

The child may be his? But he is not bothering as he doesn't want any? He stares at some bird he shagged five years ago whilst you sit next to him?

If the above is correct, then the future doesn't look to bright IMO. WWID? Dump him. Look for someone who earns your respect by being respectful to you and others.

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