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Is this ok

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Kazjam Thu 09-Jan-14 17:15:25

My husband died of cancer and I have been in a very dark place. I by chance met someone in an internet chat room.....he is from the city where my husband came from and his wife is going thro a cancer scare. We did not realise this till we got chattin. He has made me laugh for first time in months and months.....and we just clicked. He said he would help me get my life together and make me laugh again.....just chatting online. I have helped him with the awful place he is in now with his wife's illness. We have agreed we will just be best of friends nothing more or less. I am not looking for more as I can not see anyone replacing my husband for a very long time. However we chat late at nite so I can only assume his wife is in bed. I said to him that if my husband had been chattin when I was in bed with some guy I wud be mega upset. He said he is ok if is just chat. And I can tell he loves his wife so much as he is so worried about her illness. He said he doesn't want me to feel uncomfortable with it.
Do up think this is ok....I know it will be platonic as I could never wreck someone's marriage,,,,.havin had my own life wrecked I cudnt put someone thro that.
Bu we are so on the same wavelength we laff but then have serious conversations that I have never had the likes of with anyone in my life only my husband when he was ill
Just part of me says why is he doin this with his wife not knowing.
But I know he is totally genuine and a family man...he loves them. He told me one day I will meet someone else and they will be a very lucky person to have me
He is helpin me so much get thro what happened to me

sykadelic15 Fri 10-Jan-14 00:31:56

If it were innocent I would think he could tell his wife about it and you could actually meet up as a support for her as well.

It does sound off to me. Like he's seeking emotional support which could lead to an emotional affair.

I know if it were my husband I'd want to know about it, and I'd be upset if I found he'd been chatting to another woman, and telling that woman personal stuff about me/my illness and not sharing his feelings with me.

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