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I desperate need of a plan of action for my life- urgent!

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Cookethenook Fri 03-Jan-14 11:20:15

I really need advice and guidance.

I'm currently on maternity leave, which ends in feb. DS1 is 7, ds2 is 7mo. I'm a childminder and a babysitter and started childminding just after i became pregnant with DS2.

I'm supposed to be having the second part of an operation i had about 4 years ago at some point in the next few months. It will put me out of action for about 8 weeks. Possibly longer because of the nature of my job (having part of an organ removed in the stomach area, might be a bit risky having small children jumping all over me!). Obviously this clashes terribly with me going back to work, but i need the op doing asap so postponing is not an option. I don't feel that i can go back to work for just a month or two and then let my mindees down by buggering off for 8 weeks. Not only would it be unsettling for the children, it probably wouldn't be too good for my reputation.

The worst thing is is that i don't yet have a date for the op. I've spent the last month being passed from department to department and, having finally gotten through to the right people, am still waiting for a call back from the person in charge of booking me in two weeks on (i'm calling back every few days, will step it up to every day if i haven't heard by next week). I understand i need to let them get on and do their jobs, but i've even said a ball park date will do.

DP had a pay review in december and it wasn't as much as we were hoping- not even above the rate of inflation sad Not good as we were hoping it would be close to my maternity allowance and then the whole problem would be solved. He's trying to sort it out as he thinks he deserves more as he's done a lot of training this year and according to him has gone above and beyond on many occasions.

We basically need £500 extra on top of dp's salary to survive. Our rent is ridiculously low already as we rent from family, so we cant move somewhere cheaper as it doesn't exist! I was thinking of doing babysitting in the meantime as i did fairly well out of it before i went on maternity leave and i think if i advertise everywhere, i could probably get a fair amount of work.

On top of this, i need to catch up on training, design a website for my business, do flyers for babysitting, sort out childcare for when i'm having my op (i don't drive and its a 2.5 mile walk each way to get ds1 off to school every day, so thats another challenge).... the list is endless!

All of the people i'd usually turn to for advice seem to have a lot of other things going on, so i really need some help from mumsnet. It's giving me a huge amount of stress and anxiety and don't feel like i'm coping well. DP is wonderful, but he's one of those people who needs clear instructions and doesn't really do the important stuff off his on back so it seems to fall on me to organise everything. I feel like there is so much to think about i don't even know where to start.

So, i need ideas of where i can save money and come up with a rough timetable for all of the things i need to do. Also, any other suggestions on how to sort out ANY of this stuff, i would really appreciate it.

Sorry for the rant!

MrsSteptoe Fri 03-Jan-14 11:31:43

money-saving: There's been a couple of good general money-saving threads recently. I'll see if I can find the links. Without knowing much about you, it's hard to say where you can save because no-one knows what your expenses are, but I don't think the money-saving tip exists that wasn't mentioned somewhere on the links I mention.

Re your fliers and website: it seems to me that there's often loads of people learning to "do" websites in this "need to learn a new skill" environment: do you know anyone who'd be prepared to do your website as a hands-on learning thing? Certainly when my DH did his, the two techies he spoke with both recommended the same two things: go as simple as you can manage, and use WordPress or a similar off the shelf package. If you want it to be a simple and inexpensive exercise, then don't try to make it fit what you want it to do, but look at what it does and make your requirements fit that. It may even be the case that if your local library runs courses for those wanting to learn to set up a website, they may be prepared to put you in touch with someone who'll do yours as a hands-on. I'm sure if these are mental ideas, there will be an MN contributor who will say so further down the thread!

MrsSteptoe Fri 03-Jan-14 11:33:14

Here's one link

MrsSteptoe Fri 03-Jan-14 11:34:11

Here's the other

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