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Advice on how to handle family

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MincedMuffPies Mon 23-Dec-13 02:23:22

Fuck him, life is to short to be fucked about by fucking time wasting cunts. This isn't something your partner should want to do to you.

Princessjonsie Mon 23-Dec-13 02:13:55

I have taken your advise thank you

TheBrotherHoodOfSteel Sun 22-Dec-13 09:04:47

Hmmm husband is the problem and the only way to solve that would be to get rid. He doesn't give a shit about your feelings at all. Oh and delete them all, including your husband, off Facebook.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Sat 21-Dec-13 19:54:24

Yep - this is a husband problem not a family problem. Why does he have the right to separate you from your child on Boxing day just because his family have decided not to like you.

ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sat 21-Dec-13 09:53:27

That is terrible. Sorry to say but it's not the family i would be so bothered about as much as your DP. He needs to stick up for you. He certainly shouldn't be going off and leaving you for 3 days on boxing day.

If i were you i would repost or get this moves to relationships. The posters over there are very wise on this sort of thing.

Princessjonsie Sat 21-Dec-13 09:45:32

My DH family have all turned against me. I have always been the target of his mums hated. Except for 18 months when she turned onto my BIL. We have a unique approach to finance which works for us. She does not approve. We both work full time . My DH is the bigger earner by a long mile. We split all the household bills 50/50. When it comes to buying presents he buys his son and I buy mine. Same with the family. Last Xmas he refused to buy cards and spend more than 10 each on presents. I knew his mum would be upset she didn't get a card so I took my last 10 pound and bought all his family cards. I did have to use a cheap shop. When we arrived and gave out the presents and cards the atmosphere changed. The three days we were there were horrendous ( not for my DH who was the blue eyed boy). Jump to his bday when he did not get cards and presents from his family. He posted on FB thanks for all the presents and cards he did get. His sister had a rant that she had sent one. When I got up the next day there was a card to go to the post office to collect a parcel. I collected it and texted his sister to let her know it had arrived and he would get it that evening and I'm sure he would be calling to thank her. She attacked me stating she wanted to call me and give me a piece of her mind. I said this was between her brother and her and I was not getting involved. She was having none of it and continued. She told the mum I had threatened her ( I didn't) and all he'll broke loose. At first my husband backed me but very quickly has made up with his entire family. I'm now excluded from all family event. I don't stop him going to his family and have never asked his to choose. This year he is going alone on Boxing Day Nd coming back 3 days later. He has bought presents for everyone and they are playing out happy families on FB posting about how they are looking forward to seeing him and his son at Xmas . How do I cope as getting upset that I am the focus of this vile family hate every though I have only tried to do good. Best bit is the dad is a priest and she is supposed to be. Christian ?

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