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Neighbour dispute (toddler noise)

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1974rach Sun 15-Dec-13 18:54:28

I work in Environmental Health (noise nuisance). We would not investigate any noise nuisance about children because it's not a nuisance in that sense...(although I'm sure we all know kids who are a blinking nuisancewink ) But we would investigate if your neighbour was causing a noise nuisance (loud tv, music etc).

As pp has said 101 is probably the best starting point but ring the local council and speak to them - they may have a mediation service they can recommend. Worth asking their advice in any case.


Emj86 Sun 15-Dec-13 17:36:00

Thanks for the replies, we have new carpets and paid extra for extra thick rubber underlay as its supposed to be sound proofing, we really don't make excessive noise just normal everyday noise, he seems to be doing it alot now even last night at 11.30 when we were just sat watching tv! It sounds like he is just sat on the sofa banging on the floor with his feet!

Bithurt Sun 15-Dec-13 15:10:45

You could phone 101 or noise pollution at the council.

When we lived in our flat (bottom floor) the couple upstairs had a child with wooden flooring and it was so noisy! One morning after my night shift the child was going around on the baby walker (they knew I was on nights, we'd went up before and asked if they could keep the main bedroom door closed so I could sleep and they said no). Anyway, after a few hours, they'd gone back to bed so I turned my music on loud in the bedroom (I know it wasn't nice but I was tired).

We phoned the council to ask if we could do anything and we were told no due to age but i could have got into trouble for the music.

The police/noise pollution folk will work in your favour.

muddylettuce Sun 15-Dec-13 14:58:33

Try going round again. If he won't engage, speak to the police on 101. The neighborhood team might be able to pop round and mediate between you both. Noise nuisance isn't usually their responsibility (it's the council's) but this seems like it has the potential to escalate, plus if he's banging on your wall it's at the very least a nuisance and at worst causing you harassment, alarm and distress. ps. You were very reasonable not starting renovations until 1pm!

bonzo77 Sun 15-Dec-13 14:51:00

What flooring do you have? Hard floor amplifies everything.

ProudAS Sun 15-Dec-13 14:32:22

Soundproofing? Toddlers do make noise but why should neighbours (who may be hypersensitive to noise) have to put up with it!

Swearing is a bit over the top though.

Emj86 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:11:07


First post here so i hope it's in the right place!

We have a 16 month old boy and recently bought our first home which is a 3 bed semi, the house was quite run down so myself, oh and my dad have renovated it over the past 9 weeks.

The neighbour next door is a man in his 50's that does not work and according to other neighbours sleeps during the day and stays up all night, before we started any works we knocked on his door and basically explained what we would be doing and apologised for any noise in advance, we didn't start any work during the day until 1pm so we wouldn't disturb his sleep and would stop before 8pm.
At first he was fine but then he started walking past the house on a night swearing at us and basically being unpleasant, oh tried to talk to him but he wouldn't answer the door and he only leaves the house at night to walk to the shop for beer.

We finished the works a few weeks ago and finally moved in last week, on the first night the neigbour banged continuously for 2 hours until 11.30pm, we ignored it and thought he might just be getting us back and it would stop, however he has been doing it everyday thid week and the only noise we make is from Ds who is only making normsl toddler noise and it is during the day, ds was crying for literally two minutes last night and the neighbour banged and this morning he has been banging for over an hour because ds has been running around and playing.

Im at a loss and really regret buying the house, i have tried to go out all week so that ds isn't making any noise, if the neighbour worked shifts i could understand but he doesn't work and it's his choice to sleep during the day, i feel uncomfortable in my own home.

We always considered him when renovating and if we had hired builders they would be there early regardless!

What would you do? I know if we try knock on his door he will just ignore us, all the other neighbours are lovely and have said he id abit of a strange man.

Thanks for reading.

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