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Apple account keeps being hacked

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Bayliss1 Thu 12-Dec-13 15:47:03

I keep receiving an email to say my Apple account password has been reset but I haven't reset it! I've had this happen about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. I'm running out of password ideas!! Very worried that whoever it is is going to have access to my bank details!

eurochick Thu 12-Dec-13 15:48:30

Is it definitely a genuine email you are getting?

Bayliss1 Thu 12-Dec-13 21:01:37

Yes I think so. I've tried putting my old password in when asked (after receiving the email) but it doesn't work. It's playing havoc with my not uploading automatically due to not being logged in!

sykadelic15 Thu 02-Jan-14 02:57:20

First, run a virus program on your computer to check for malicious items (if you've got something on there they can see you changing it and what to).

Then log into your account and double-check the email address/es linked to your account. Change them if you can.

Then reset the password to your email.

Then reset the password to your apple stuff.

Re-run the virus programs (including malware).

ContentedSidewinder Tue 07-Jan-14 12:50:48

DH is in IT and always recommends logging onto your account from a different computer and changing the password from there first

Then go onto your normal computer and run virus checker etc.

Hope that helps.

sykadelic15 Tue 07-Jan-14 18:02:33

I would normally recommend another computer as well but depending on where you do it, this could be worse because you don't know if they have keyloggers or anything else bad on there because you don't maintain it.

That's why I'd do it on your own computer after running virus/malware/spyware checks unless you have a friend who has a computer you trust (my DH's and his friends for example have more security measures than a regular computer - even my own).

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