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Would you move DD from a fab primary to spend a year in a local Spanish school?

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looseleaf Fri 06-Dec-13 13:55:36

I have a close relative in Spain and DH raised the idea of moving to her village to teach our young children Spanish
Reasons to go are:
To teach our DC Spanish in the local school and give them a change from our small flat ie fresh air &sea
We have enough income due to cope with one if not two years away and this is unlikely to be possible again (DH trying his hand at being self employed &in 2 years I expect to be working).
Costs of living are much cheaper there
My relative is in her eighties and we are v close
Would improve my Spanish and possibly job prospects and we have relatives and ties there

Risking losing wonderful school place for two children
DD aged 7 v happy here and has strong friendships would miss
Renting our flat out has risks??

Many thanks for any thoughts!

HavantGuard Fri 06-Dec-13 14:57:51

I would take a serious look at whether your DH will be able to earn the figure you have in mind. The Spanish economy is awful. This has stats on youth and adult unemployment. 25% of adult men are unemployed and those are summer figures from when employment in the holiday industry is at it's peak. Whatever your DH does, he will have a lot of competition.

The second thing I would consider is if things didn't work out financially for you or your child didn't settle, what would you do and how would you fund it. Do you own your flat? Would you be renting it out? If so make sure you give yourself flexibility with the contract so you can move back in on 2 months notice. If you rent, consider ring fencing deposit money so that you can sign up for a new place if you need to. I hope you understand I'm only mentioning this because it is relevant, but what would happen if two months into this your relative became ill, required nursing home care or died? I hope that they remain in good health for many years, but as you're talking about a change of living arrangements, a change of income (to self employed) and a change of country it is something that you should consider.

somersethouse Fri 06-Dec-13 15:08:21

havant is also right. The inheritence laws here are horrendous. You would be kicked out of your accomodation unless you were a direct, direct descendent (child or spouse) if sadly, something happened to your relative.

You have no choice as to who you leave property or money to in Spain. It is very strictly laid out.

ProudAS Sun 15-Dec-13 14:41:23

Could you take DCs to Spain for a month during the summer holidays? This won't disrupt schooling and will give you all chance to experience life in other country, spend time with relative etc. Does your relative live in tourist area or will it be an experience of 'real Spain'?

kimlo Sun 15-Dec-13 15:57:13

I know someone who did this when she was in primary school.

She found it really hard, only ever talks negatively about the time she spent in Spain and she can't speak Spanish anymore

Hartstein5 Mon 30-Dec-13 18:22:31

We moved to Spain in 2006 for an adventure when my DSs were 1 and 3. They went to local school and made friends but it took them a good couple of years to be fluent and really integrate once they had started school - they started school at 3 years old. It was quite difficult for my eldest son who finds it difficult making friends. I would not really recommend it unless you are going to be there for at least a couple of years - plus you really need to keep up the Spanish practice once you return. We've been back for a couple of years now (they are now 8 and 10). We tried to find a Spanish teacher for them but our most recent teacher has left and we are struggling to keep up their Spanish through reading books together. I'm hoping it is still in there somewhere, but my youngest is certainly forgetting it.

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