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Too many gifts?

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rusmum Thu 05-Dec-13 10:31:46

Spent about 130/ and 150 not counting clothes. Dd1 got 10 plus bits , dd2 got 12 and bits

mrscog Thu 05-Dec-13 06:47:36

How many are there each? The 9 yo will be better equppied than the 2yo to appreciate and enjoy a larger quantity of presents. Could you possibly hold some back for the 2yo?

Yakky Thu 05-Dec-13 06:17:28

That's my problem too.
How do you make five expensive presents look like a lot? Leave the price tags on?
Wish I'd gone to pound land and spent £200 instead.

Bakerof3pudsxx Thu 05-Dec-13 06:00:07

I wrapped our dcs presents yday and had the opposite problem

About 450 quids worth not looking impressive at all

Chottie Thu 05-Dec-13 05:47:30

Hi, I don't think you should worry about whether the amount of presents are normal or excessive. Just get what is right for you.

You will get some MNters saying they gave a satsuma, a shiny penny and a jigsaw and others that they are spending the whole of Christmas in the Maldives.

Merry Christmas fsmile I'm sure your DC will love their presents

rusmum Wed 04-Dec-13 23:11:57

I wrapped my presents today for my dd 2 and 9. There looks loads. Spent about 150 each ( plus about 40 each on ocelot he's with me free matalan vouchers / cheers mumsnet)! . I have no idea what if this is normal or excessive?

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