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No hot water or central heating for a week so far, entitled to a bit of rent reduction?

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mumandtwo Tue 03-Dec-13 10:05:59

Morning everyone! I rent my house from a really lovely landlord. The boiler broke down exactly a week ago, so we have had no hot water and no central heating since then. The landlord has gone through his boiler insurance, so on day 2 a heating engineer came round and then ordered a part for it. The part has still not arrived and it's now been a week. The landlord has been on the case and been phoning them to chase it up daily. I do have a log burner here, so we can get warm in the evenings in the sitting room. I have 2 oil radiators for my 2 daughter's bedrooms, so not the end of the world. BUT this is an old house with old and very draughty sash windows, so all the heat just disappears once the heaters are turned off. So you can imagine that I'm worrying about how much this electric is going to cost me! The lack of hot water is the biggest problem. My sister does live on my street (as the landlord knows) so I have been able to shower there, but my eldest daughter 16 suffers from anxieties and has only been there once and won't go again. My youngest daughter 10 has been there twice, as we keep expecting the boiler to be fixed on a daily basis. There are other issues regarding the use of my sisters house, but that's another story.
So my situation is not entirely dire, but do you think it's reasonable to ask for a slight rent discount? As I said the landlord is really lovely and we get on very well, but that kind of makes it harder to ask if you know what I mean?
As it's gone on so long, it's actually made me quite depressed too and I just feel very downbeat about it all. Sick of being cold and not having any runnning hot water. Kettle's on the go all the time. I'm looking for work at the moment myself, so based at home all the time in this cold house with not much money and worrying about the next electric bill. Feeling quite sorry for myself really!!!!!
What would you do???? Thanks in advance... xx

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