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Encounter with resident if assisted living development

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Remembermyname Wed 27-Nov-13 12:35:30

I live next to a privately run assisted living home. I was walking home today and dd (6 months) was squawking/singing in her pushchair. As I approached the house, one of the residents, who was putting out the recycling, shouted at me to 'shut that fucking baby up'. I ignored her and carried on walking, then as I passed the house (no alternative to get home) she repeated it.

I said that if she knew how to keep a baby quiet she was welcome to try, and she told me to fuck off.

Now, my instinct is to do nothing - I know that it is an assisted living development (there is nothing outside to indicate this) and the person shouting at me was on the drive of the property and not threatening in any way.

However, I know if I tell DH he will want me to complain to the people who work there, though I can't see what this will achieve.


cathpip Wed 27-Nov-13 12:39:41

Assisted living or not, the wardens need to be made aware. You don't have too put a complaint in but a friendly "I didn't know if you were aware" type word is called for.

Remembermyname Wed 27-Nov-13 12:43:20

Thanks - yes - I guess the niggle I have is that if that has been someone who didn't know the woman's background, or had older children with them, it could have been quite upsetting for them...

I've got a number for them somewhere - I'll give them a call..

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