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Move young family to guernsey from kent.

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ukfirestorm Tue 22-Oct-13 20:27:58

We have the chance to move to Guernsey as I have been offered a job there, issue is at the moment grandparent of dd are ten mins up road, and other set 20 mins away, we are taken with the adventure of the idea of a 2 years move there, but cant decide if its too much of a risk...what would you do?
dd is 5 months.

quoteunquote Tue 22-Oct-13 21:06:51

It got a high cost of living, housing is very expensive.

Make sure your wage covers the increase.

and take up sailing.

Terramirabilis Tue 22-Oct-13 21:09:53

I'm from there although I no longer live there. Feel free to PM me with Qs.

ukfirestorm Wed 23-Oct-13 08:17:49

have pm'ed you...

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 17:16:24

any one live there with kids currently?

Pendulum Sun 27-Oct-13 17:23:53

I grew up there too, but no longer live there. It costs a lot to get there to visit family or vice versa, make sure you factor that in.

I wouldn't exactly call it a place to have an adventure... What do you like to do at weekends? What do you picture yourselves doing there?

Pendulum Sun 27-Oct-13 17:24:36

<wonders if she knows Terramirabilis>

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 17:30:00

I guess getting outdoors generally, currently at weekends we out for walks, see friends dink coffee. Is it a difficult place to meet people?
We would have to factor in the cost of visiting family as we would want to visit them (or them us) monthly...

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 17:32:49

I guess why I see it as an adventure is that it looks so different, it would be short term and might dive our dd a chance to live outsode of kent for a while...

Pendulum Sun 27-Oct-13 17:38:15

I've never lived there with children, so can't really comment on that. You will be at work if I have read that correctly, so that will hopefully help to meet people?

The beaches and cliffs are great for walks and obviously in summer it's lovely to have it so near. There aren't really any open spaces away from the coast though, because it's very densely occupied.

Public transport is virtually non-existent, so be prepared to drive everywhere.

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 17:49:58

what about cultural bits?

Pendulum Sun 27-Oct-13 17:54:12

Hmm, that's probably the biggest thing missing from my point of view (if you mean opportunities to see theatre, dance, comedy and so on). But someone who lives there now might tell me my information is out of date.

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 18:00:29

I guess there isn't any cheap way to go frequently on and off the island for that sort of thing..

Pendulum Sun 27-Oct-13 20:47:34

Depends what you consider cheap... but not really!

I don't want to give you a lopsided view, there are Mnetters who live there (they all seem to be on the stormwatch thread atm!) and they might be able to give you some more info. So hoping this will bump for you.

Good luck with your decision (and the job if you take it!)

ukfirestorm Sun 27-Oct-13 21:52:36

many thanks

ukfirestorm Thu 14-Nov-13 16:45:13

also will it be possible for my wife to make friends there with other mums?

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 14-Nov-13 16:48:27

BIL moved his family out there a few years back. They (seem to me to) have a lovely life. their girls, primary age, do lots of activities, dancing, sports etc. SIL has lots of friends and BIL has a decent job. It is very expensive and a shedload of hassle visiting and for them to visit here. We have never been as it's so expensive but PIL try to go for events such as birthdays and school concerts etc.

ukfirestorm Fri 15-Nov-13 22:13:53


greenapples Sat 16-Nov-13 21:52:33

I moved over here with my family, due to my husbands job a few years ago. The cost of living is expensive, no doubts about it. I've still yet to turn the heating on this winter. Like anywhere, people are friendly when you get to know them, but you need to make an effort. There seems an island wide emphasis on sport, be it sand racing / triathlon / sailing etc.

ukfirestorm Wed 27-Nov-13 20:38:35

thanks greenapples.

Xalla Thu 09-Jan-14 12:34:17

I just responded to your other post. We recently moved here with our 2 kids (5 and 2) and I had our third shortly after moving here.

To be honest I'm struggling to make friends despite going to baby groups, taking the kids to after-school classes etc. People are polite, they just don't seem too interested in making new friends. We had a really active social life back in the UK as did our kids and we all miss it.

Our kids are enjoying their new school and my husband and I are impressed with the standard of education.

There are loads of extra curricular activities and my older kids are both enrolled in a few each.

What others have said about getting to and from the island is very true; it's expensive and a total hassle. Flights are regularly delayed, often cancelled because of the weather or broken down aircraft (Aurigny - the islands' airline). Ferries are hard work at this time of year. We've had a couple of things booked in the UK that we were really looking forward to that have been totally thwarted by the travel plans falling apart.

I don't think we'll stay long term.

ukfirestorm Wed 29-Jan-14 18:23:57

Why would you not stay long term?

Xalla Mon 10-Feb-14 14:21:04

I think mostly because it feels a bit suffocating and that's compounded with the difficulties in getting off the island.

Xalla Mon 10-Feb-14 14:22:14

*by the difficulties...

Flow123 Thu 11-May-17 14:07:16

Hi, I know this is very late on this thread. But how is everyone finding Guernsey now? Did you make the move?

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