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rattie77 Tue 15-Oct-13 20:07:25

I have been a SAHM since my DS was born almost 5 years ago. We are fortunate enough not to have to pay a mortgage and though DH works f/t plus overtime we don't have a lot left after bills/essentails paid for. I have been offered a job locally which is great BUT the times are 3 evenings per week till 8pm (so I would need childcare and wouldn't see my son at bedtime) and Sat/Sun afternoon. I hadn't realised how much I missed work until I went for the interview, but both myself and OH not sure it will be good for our DS. He has started reception in Sept and like most little ones is adjusting to a new routine/long day - am I being selfish to disrupt his routine again if I am not there 4 nights a week? Childcare would be expensive (£20.00 per day) and the money isn't that good but it would mean we could have treats again, not worry about every penny and begin to repair our house which is deteriorating rapidly. Now we are existing rather than living. My older son (21) is on a gap year from uni and has offered to mind my little one the two week nights from 3 - 6 till DH gets in - but again is that ok to do or am I being unfair to them both. It means I would only see my little one for the hour in the morning before school on 3 days a week. Is he too young? Shall I wait until he is a little older?. I have looked for school hour posts but they are like golddust. I know many mums/dads HAVE to work to survive and don't have the choice, I am fortunate in that sense but we have been struggling for so long now the thought of some extra cash is wonderful. I just don't want it to be at the expense of my family. Any thoughts please??

MrsPnut Tue 15-Oct-13 20:10:09

I would do it, it's easier to give it a go and then leave if it proves too much than not take the job and kick yourself later on.

Lots of children are in full time childcare from a very young age and being looked after by his brother will probably be lots of fun for him.

rattie77 Wed 16-Oct-13 14:38:17

Thanks for replying. I guess you are right I should try it. It just seems he is dealing with a big change going to school and isn't particularly happy there and I don't want to feel more insecure.

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