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To go to family party or not

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Nigglenaggle Tue 15-Oct-13 19:39:03

Be a woman and go and please DS and support your family!! smile

sherbetpips Tue 15-Oct-13 13:20:45

Long story short - parents have arranged party for my sister who lives abroad and is home for birthday. Have now asked sister to contribute to party (bit strange being that it was a surprise for her). Parents are also trying to change where to go for birthday dinner later in the week. They are the type of parents that make a lot of 'suggestions' but are not offended if you just say no thanks.

Whilst sister didn't bother to prevent all this by just telling parents she doesnt really want a party and to butt out of dinner plans, she is bothered enough to bitch and whinge to her husband about it.

He hates us enough as it is, he has no family and is therefore used to being in control of everything he does and wants to do. If you dare to suggest something to him he blows his top and acts like a stroppy and very angry child. He will be arriving the morning of the party. Really dont want to go as it is going to be hellish. DS is really looking forward to seeing wider family.

Maybe I could drive and escape early if required or do I just wimp out and feign sickness.....

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